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Thread: Video: PS Vita Proof of Concept: Installing PKG Games & Apps Demo

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    Video: PS Vita Proof of Concept: Installing PKG Games & Apps Demo

    Recently French PlayStation Vita developer NtRnOs shared a Proof of Concept (PoC) video demo on installing PKG games and applications on the PS Vita handheld console.

    Below are the details, roughly translated:

    This proof is not a hack but just to show how to install PKG PSVita outside the circle with the usual and customary and PSN content manager "PSViTA/PS3/PC"
    • Download your PKG then copy it to a storage system external or internal to the PS3.
    • Install it on your PS3 via "install package" (this may take a few minutes).
    • Find it in the queue (TASK) files to install the PS3 (PSVita download content via PS3 or transferred PKG PSVita will not install on your PS3, they just put in the queue waiting to be transferred to a system PSVita).
    • Connect your PSVita to your PS3 and go to the content manager (PSVita)
    • On your PS3, you should find your PKG copied earlier in the queue for the PS3, click to install it (the PS3 will ask you to connect the PSVita for the transfer).
    • In the content manager of PSVita select PS3 PSVita transfer and application, and the ones you want to transfer.
    • To finish the PS3 delete the file from your system and you find the application / game installed on your PSVita.
    • PS3 PKG checks PSVita well, not install but copy.

    The PKG unzips for PSVita PSVita PS3 or directly on the PSVita? Does the PS3 decryption keys PSVita?? ONLY OFW / CFW 4.xx or more! Because need "Install Package" on PS3.

    Also for homebrew check out the PlayStop Network 1.00.exe application from JMQMOfficials which is now at PlayStop Network 1.01 (homebrew client used to download VHBL and CEF homebrew, ready to be transferred to your Vita similar to PSN only on PC) and has been optimized and is dubbed PSV Downloader Optimized v1.03).

    PlayStation Vita PKG Game and Application Links:

    PSViTA Sound Shapes [Fullgame] JAP
    Content-ID : JP9000-PCSC00024_00-SOUNDSHAPES00000
    SIZE : 964 MB

    PSViTA Gravity Rush [Fullgame] EURO
    CONTENT-ID : EP9000-PCSF00024_00-PDEUAP1648614960
    SIZE : 1.4 GB

    PSViTA Asphalt Injection [FullGame] FR
    Soon my proof of concept PSViTA
    Content-ID : EP0001-PCSB00040_00-ASPHALTINJECTION
    SIZE : 760.77 MB

    PSViTA EBook Reader
    Content-ID : JA0001-PCSC80012_00-READERFORPSVITA0
    SIZE: 27.7 MB

    Here are some more PS Vita PKG file links from nexus1 (via

    Table Top Tanks 135mb

    StarDrone extreme 136mb

    Rayman Origins 922mb

    Unit 13 954mb

    Resistance: Burning Skies demo/fulll game 2.976GB

    Hustle Kings demo/full game 394mb

    Ecolibrium 274mb

    Little Deviants Demo/Full game 1.018GB

    Escape Plan 840mb

    MGS HD 3.379GB

    Wipeout 2048 1.604GB

    Wipeout 2048 HD 298mb

    Wipeout 2048 HD fury 266mb

    Motorstorm rc 684mb

    Finally, below are even more PS Vita PKG file download links from King-Kratos which can be grabbed using PS3Prox (for .NET Framework 2) / PS3Prox (for .NET Framework 3.5 / Help Manual (via or PSNDM (PSN Download Manager), as follows:

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss - GAME ID : PCSF00001:

    Uncharted Golden Abyss RAP FILE PCSF00001

    Mortal Kombat - GAME ID : PCSB00106

    Mortal Kombat RAP FILE PCSB00106

    Mortal Kombat RIF FILE

    Knytt Underground - GAME ID : PCSB00169

    Knytt Underground RAP FILE PCSB00169

    Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack - GAME ID : PCSB00096:

    [email protected] GAME ID : PCSF00064:

    Chronovolt - GAME ID : PCSB00102:

    Chronovolt RAP FILE PCSB00102

    Gravity Rush - GAME ID : PCSF00024:

    Gravity Rush RAP FILE PCSF00024

    Sine Mora DEMO - GAME ID : PCSB00161:

    DUT DEMO - GAME ID : PCSF00020:

    YouTube PS VITA - GAME ID : PCSF00150:

    Big Sky Infinity - GAME ID : PCSB00168:

    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune DEMO - GAME ID : PCSF00220:

    Virtue's Last Reward - DEMO GAME ID : PCSB00221:

    WipEout 2048 Demo - GAME ID : PCSF00110:

    Finally, from pipen1991 comes a Guide Installing PSN PKG Games on the PS Vita with PS3 CFW, as follows:

    What you need:

    1: pkg from this post
    2: ps3 with cfw
    3: ps vita
    4: usb pen drive formatted fat32


    1: put the pkg on the pen drive
    2: install pkg on the ps3 cfw
    3: connect ps vita to the ps3 with usb cable
    4: on the ps vita go to CMA
    • Connect to the PS3
    • Copy content PS3 to PS Vita
    • Applications
    • PS Vita
    • Applications downloaded on the ps3 system
    • Select the pkg
    • Hit copy and play

    [imglink=|Video: PS Vita Proof of Concept: Installing PKG Games & Apps Demo][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    LioMajor Guest
    1. Internet required to connect your PSVita to PS3
    2. You need to login with the same Account as your PSVita uses
    3. You will get an errormsg if its not a demo (This File belongs to another Account or is expired.) if you do not own it.
    4. Your Account/PS3 is at risk, active internet eh!?!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It's 100% not a hack, as the PS3, Vita has PSN license files stored inside flash and without them. But a that's not a bad discovery - I thought it could be done and now he showed us how. I doubt it would be of any use now - the same thing was available for PS3 nearly from the launch day - so called "proxy method" - old members would remember and it wasn't anything even in the direction of the final hack.

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    What I have yet to see are the Sony PS Vita XML links similar to THESE that can be used to download the apps or games using their TitleID. CJPC pulled them out of the PS3 memory as PS3 saved it to a vm file and when it was out that was the result.

    If anyone knows them offhand, I will +Rep ya!

    PS: For anyone who didn't already know them, below are the PlayStation Vita Firmware updater links:

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    BerserkLeon Guest
    What you referenced is just how to download title Updates, no? Or rather, how to find the download link for the title update pkg. I imagine if you set up charles web debugger or the tools already listed (ps3prox, psndm) you'd be able to find the pkg links of psn titles you buy, at least.

    Even for the ps3, isn't that the only method to obtain the actual game pkg? The update xml doesn't seem to point to anything related to the original game pkg.

    Also, I imagine if there are any Vita games with Title Updates (I don't have a vita myself so I don't know any off-hand) that if you try the ps3 link for updates it might work (replacing the titleID with your PSV one, of course.)

    If not there may be a different server/set up for those, which you'd still probably be able to find out if you ran an address-catching proxy that your psV connected through.

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    GMOTE Guest
    Wow this is nice plus we're about to get cfw for the vita good find

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    Yea, but I am seeking the actual Sony PS Vita game updater links, vs having to waste time with sniffers. For me it's just more convenient to be able to stick in a TitleID via Sony's http address vs using an app to obtain them.

    As mentioned the updater links are probably buried in the apps if someone is able to sift through the code to pull them out, or possibly even in some SPRX files as it was for PS3, assuming PS Vita also uses them as well.

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    zallas99 Guest
    you can do this procedure with 3.55 ps3?

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    TheJedi Guest
    It's not working for me, i'm on the latest Rogero and when i try to install a Vita PKG the screen just turn black and after a the controller turns off and i cant turn it on, even if i connect with the cable. Is this working for you?

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    Erosenon1 Guest
    its not working me neither. When i connect my vita to my ps3 it sees the games but when i try to copie it, it gives me an error code.

    somebody know what am doing wrong?

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