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    TitanTX Guest

    Video: PPSSPP - Fast and Portable PSP Emulator WIP Demo Arrives

    The awesome new emulator of the PSP system called PPSSPP, which is a fast and portable PSP emulator has been updated several times with a work-in-progress (WIP) demo video and more progress details below.

    Download: PPSSPP PSP Emulator WIP / PPSSPP PSP Emulator Download Page / GIT

    Again this is not for the PSP but it a PSP emulator, now what makes this stand apart, is that it is open source but it is also multi platform, and by multi platform i mean almost anything out there can run from apple devices to android (yes phones can run it as well) to Windows, to Linux.

    There is one slight drawback though it is still in early development and only plays a certain amount of games not full fledged (PPSSPP Compatibility List) but homebrew and certain low end graphical games, however, this does show promise. Read more about this in the quote below.

    To quote: PPSSPP is an open source project, licensed under the GPL 2.0. Anyone is welcome to contribute their improvements to the code, and the hope is that over time this will resolve the compatibility problem.

    Fast and portable

    PPSSPP is written in C++, and translates PSP CPU instructions directly into optimized x86, x64 and (soon) ARM machine code, using an efficient JIT compiler.

    PPSSPP can thus run on quite low-spec hardware, including stronger Android phones and tablets, as long as there’s support for OpenGL ES 2.0.

    A video of it in action is also available below.

    In related news today PlayStation Portable homebrew developer Soywiz has updated his PSP emulator to PSP Emulator r555 for Windows/Linux with the changes and additional revisions outlined below.

    Download: cspspemu-2013-08-15 + r555 + windows + linux + src.7z

    PPSSPP Changelog for Revision 555 (2013-08-15)
    • Improved sasCore so using it now plays games better notes
    • Improved rendering speed. Now 3d games Should be faster.
    • Fixes on VFPU so Vallhala Knights is now showing skinned characters (still have some issues)
    • A CWCheat form editor.
    • Apply hq2x to textures
    • View and edit textures With The new texture editor (it Generates a. Texmap linked to the executable file folder so it will be loaded each time) and you can customize or Improve textures.
    • Added fullscreen antialiasing SMAA.

    PSP Emulator PPSSPP V1.0 Changelog:
    • Many, many bug fixes in JIT and elsewhere, improving compatibility
    • Proper fix for Zenfone and related devices
    • Direct3D 9 supported as a rendering backend on Windows, helps on old GPUs and can be faster than OpenGL in many cases
    • You can now create specific configs per game
    • FPU rounding modes much better supported, fixes the Peace Walker boss that was undefeatable. NOTE: This breaks saves in Gods Eater - you must turn off the better rounding, load your save game, turn it on and save.
    • The JIT now uses SSE on x86, improving speed considerably. This does not affect ARM devices, that's for the next version or two.
    • Improved audio output code on both Windows and Android, reducing audio latency on Windows and on some Android systems
    • FFMPEG upgraded, fixed some music hangs ("GHA phase shifts")
    • Some Ad Hoc improvements, coldbird.net is now default adhoc server. Ad Hoc still unfinished and hard to use.
    • Graphics fixes: Bezier/spline drawing fixes, vertex position fixes, DanganRonpa on Adreno fixed, flat shading fixed, vertex cache improved, some PowerVR blockiness issues fixed, screen scaling filter added, Google Cardboard support
    • Simulate UMD speed better, fixing hangs in several games
    • More Atrac3 fixes, fixing hangs
    • Somewhat better disk full handling
    • Fixes to dynamic unloading of code, fixing problems in GEB and TRM 2/3
    • Updated to SDL2 where applicable (Linux, Mac)
    • Some new features, like analog/dpad-swap hotkey, graphics hack for Phantasy Star, show last bit of debug log in dev tools, etc
    • No more need for MSVCRT DLLs on Windows

    PPSSPP V1.0.1 Changelog:

    1.0 shipped with broken scrolling in the savestate list, that and a few other small bugs are now fixed in 1.0.1.
    • Bugfixes like the save state scroll issue, cosmetic issues like overscroll
    • Some cheat code bugfixes
    • Adler32 and Mersenne Twister modules added (fixes some obscure games)
    • Fix for Jak & Daxter slowdown
    • Graphics hack for Phantasy Star Portable 2 for Direct3D9
    • Fix compatibility with some PowerVR devices broken since v0.9.5-959-g4998044

    PPSSPP V1.1 Changelog:

    It's been a while, but there are some major new features!
    • Support for ARM64 on Android, for improved performance on new devices. Has some new optimizations.
    • Support Android TV, like nVidia Shield TV
    • Screen rotation on PC, useful for vertical games like Star Soldier
    • Many minor performance improvements and compatibility bug fixes
    • GPU emulation fixes like correct depth rounding, fixing text in Phantasy Star
    • Other graphical fixes like UV rotation
    • Support savestates for homebrew apps
    • Simple integrated "Homebrew Store" to download PSP homebrew apps
    • Minor AdHoc multiplayer improvements. Still many issues left.
    • Disable a dangerous optimization on ARM, causing walk-through-walls in Tenchu
    • sceAtrac music compatibility fixes, fixing noise in a few games
    • Better texture scaling performance
    • Direct3D closer in features to OpenGL
    • Works better on BSD operating systems
    • Savedata management UI

    More PlayStation Vita News...

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Very cool that it's open source, +Rep for the news TitanTX and I have promoted it to main page now also.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Android? Wow. I was amazed when I saw a PSX emulator for the android. But this is amazing.

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    StanSmith Guest
    I've tried it on the android and it flashed the loading screen then nothing. Most games didn't work. I've only tried 4 so far but it does look good. I'm waiting for the next release as hopefully that will be working a lot better. This is definitely a WIP, tech demo.

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    TitanTX Guest
    StanSmith it says low end games, and a compatibility list is also available on the site. Check it out

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    SuperSaiyen Guest
    Too bad this emu won't run on the PS3 any time soon.. but interesting.

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    TitanTX Guest
    Hey its a start right, always start small and then go big (no pun intended). To get it running on these many devices which was not accomplished before is a great start it may take some time but patience is key over here.

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