Sony European Product Manager Mayumi Donovan announced that the PlayStation Vita Indie Game Mega Pack arrives next month.

Below are the details, to quote: Hi everyone. You may already know about the PS Vita Mega Pack, which we released last summer, but for those that missed it, here’s a quick recap: it’s a great value collection of fun games that you can dive straight into, thanks to the bundled memory card.

Up to speed? Great, so here’s what’s coming next. In February we’re releasing a new bundle: the Indie Game Mega Pack. It comes with 10 top titles from innovative and up-and-coming developers, to show our support for the burgeoning indie games scene.

Now you’ve got the perfect opportunity to enjoy some hardboiled gunplay with Hotline Miami, the unique narrative of Thomas Was Alone and the atmospheric - not to mention rather creepy - world of LIMBO.

Take a look at the complete list of games included:

- Alien Breed
- Thomas Was Alone
- Velocity Ultra
- Men’s Room Mayhem
- Coconut Dodge Revitalised
- Hotline Miami
- Total Recoil
- Superfrog HD
- Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD

There are two bundles available:

The memory card bundle comes with a 4GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher to download the above 10 games - RRP €24.99.

The PS Vita + memory card bundle comes with a PS Vita system, 4GB memory card and a PlayStation Store voucher to download the above 10 games - RRP €199.99.

Expect the Indie Game Pack to arrive in stores in February (check with your preferred retailer for local availability), and keep an eye out for other Mega Packs released last year: the original PS Vita Mega Pack, the Sports & Racing Mega Pack and the Disney Mega Pack. Have fun!

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