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    Apr 2005

    Video: PlayStation Vita 2.12 VHBL Exploit By Qwikrazor87 Incoming

    Today a video was posted demonstrating an incoming PlayStation Vita 2.12 Firmware VHBL exploit (which currently runs through a yet undisclosed PS Vita game) by qwikrazor87 with details below.

    To quote: Some of you might have thought that we decided to not be a blog dedicated to hacking, given how slow the hacking news have been recently for the Vita. There was of course the hope of a VHBL port from The Z, but that was a while ago, and he is still waiting for a ďsignificant firmware updateĒ from Sony before releasing his work.

    But fear not, as developer qwikrazor87 contacted me with his own VHBL port, which will be released as soon as it is fully tested!

    Now, this exploit comes with some limitations. First, as is often the case, we are talking here of a usermode exploit running VHBL inside the PSP emulator of the Vita. This means youíll be able to play a vast majority of PSP homebrews on your vita (including emulators), but this will not let you play PSP isos (which would require a new Kernel exploit, the last public one was in firmware 2.02), let alone Vita isos (no public method exists for this, at all, so donít ask).

    Secondly, and this might annoy many of you, the exploited game is only available in the US. Yes, no luck for our EU or Asia friendsÖ

    But I have good news for those of you who are motivated enough: once the port is fully ready, Iíll have a tiny contest to let a few of you win some US PSN codes. Iíll also have a quick tutorial ready on how to switch your console to a US account (Sony did make that fairly difficult, so running VHBL might mean a few sacrifices for some of you).

    Qwikrazor87's VHBL port is more or less ready and I quickly tested it myself, but he hasnít addressed one of the latest security patches added by Sony, which prevents us from writing anything in the PSP/GAME folder (basically preventing us from installing homebrews).

    But the solutions for that are known, and itís just a matter of implementing a fix, either in VHBL itself, or in the various menus running for it. (I believe Qwikrazor87 and his beta testers already had homebrews installed from previous VHBL releases and were able to test compatibility this way)

    As soon as this is done, Iíll be testing as much as I can and report on compatibility. The release will not happen overnight, these things take time, so, as usual, please be patient. In the meantime, enjoy this proof of concept video.

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    JeoWay Guest

    Post PS Vita: 2.12 VHBL Compatibility Test (Working on Fix)

    2.12 VHBL Test (Low Compatibility - Working on a Fix currently) - (Ported by qwikrazor87)

    This is a test on the latest 2.12 VHBL port by qwikrazor87. The compatibility is very low on this version and I am helping on creating a compatibility update/fix for this version of VHBL (Similar to my Apache Overkill Fix). Information regarding the game currently is NOT available to the Public! Please wait for public announcement and make sure to have $5+ in your PSN Wallet.

    This is qwikrazor87's port of VHBL that I tested. I can tell you that the compatibility is VERY LOW. I am working on a fix for it hopefully done before a public release.

    I decided to put together a little list that would show you some homebrews that work and will not work on the 2.12 VHBL port by qwikrazor. The compatibility is fairly good. Nothing extreme, and nothing too bad. Emulators work good enough (most of them). If you would like a specific homebrew tested, please let me know (I will include others test)

    Working Homebrew: These homebrew work

    -Hexen 2
    -Jelly Car

    Mid-Range Working Homebrew: These homebrew work, but with some flaws.

    -Daedalus R13

    Non-working Homebrew: Homebrew that doesn't work at all!

    -PSP Claw Explorer
    -Open Tyrian
    -Duke 3D
    -Doodle Jump PSP
    -Duck Hunt

    Some homebrew I tried different versions and didn't get any good results

    Source - JeoWay via Wololo

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    Apr 2005

    New PS Vita Exploitable Game Details for PS Vita 2.12 (VHBL) Arrive

    Following up on Sony's release of PS Vita Firmware 2.12 Update and the news from Qwikrazor87, today some more PSP exploitable game details for PS Vita 2.12 allowing homebrew to run on VHBL have arrived.

    This time, a vulnerability was found in Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot for PSP along with another undisclosed title with details below.

    From Wololo: Exploitable Game for PS Vita 2.12 announced (VHBL)

    You’ve been waiting a lot for this, we had to delay the ninja release for several reasons (one being that I shamelessly took 4 days of holiday last week, and therefore couldn’t have handled a public announcement at that time), but there it is, the public announce of the game used to run Qwikrazor87′s VHBL port for the Vita 2.12.

    So, before we start, a few reminders:

    VHBL is provided “as is” without any guarantee. In order to run VHBL, you will need to buy the specific game mentioned below and install it on your Vita. Keep in mind that the money you pay for the game goes to Sony and the developers of the game, and the only guarantee you get by doing so is to get that game for your PS Vita. That being said, I personally tested VHBL extensively on this exploit and I can vouch for it.

    VHBL runs a subset of PSP homebrews. you can find early test results here. In particular, VHBL does not run PSP isos, PSP plugins, PSP homebrews that require PSP kernel mode. VHBL does not run native Vita homebrews or Vita roms.

    The exploit works on Vita firmware 2.12 and below. There is no guarantee that this exploit will run on firmwares beyond 2.12. Actually, based on our experience, it is pretty much guaranteed that the next Sony firmware will patch the exploit.

    Because of what is stated above, it is recommended that you deactivate your Vita Wifi connection as long as you want to use VHBL. The reason is that your Vita might force you to update to a newer firmware when it connects to the net.

    The exploited game is officially only available on the US PSN. However, people have contacted us to tell us PS3 owners can buy the game from your PC/PS3 in other countries such as European countries, then copy it to the Vita from your PS3 using the Content manager. I have not tested this personally and would still recommend to go with the US version of the game if you can. I explain here how to switch your Vita to a US account, and here how you can get the necessary US credit to purchase the game.

    Once you buy the game, be sure to install it as soon as possible on your vita. Do not let it sit in the download list, or on your PS3. Sony have ways to prevent you from downloading/installing the game, and they will do it.

    In general, to prevent the hack from spreading, Sony remove the exploited game from their stores within 48h following our announcements. If you want this hack, get it now. Not tomorrow, not in one hour, not after you’ve gone to the restroom.

    We will release the actual files for the hack in the next few days. Typically we do so just after Sony pulls the game from their store, but this is not a rule written in stone.

    If all the limitations and explanations above did not frighten you, here is the game:

    Vulnerability disclosure: A buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the following PSP Game: Gamocracy One: Legend of Robot ($3.99 on the US PSN)

    This critical vulnerability puts the Sony PSP and Sony PS Vita at risk of running malicious software such as Super Mario Bros, Sonic, or Quake. Congratulations to Qwikrazor87, and stay tuned for the files!

    Finally, from SuperCosimo98 (roughly translated via moddingstudio.com/showthread.php?58696-VHBL-per-PSVita-2.12-made-in-Moddingstudio/) comes another undisclosed game exploit, as follows: VHBL for PSVita 02.12 Made in Moddingstudio

    We are happy to announce that I and the user Dodi31 (BackTrack) we have found and developed a new exploit VHBL 2:12 that contrary to what The Z and that of Qwikrazor87 is present in all the PSN store. Compatibility is almost perfect.

    The only homebrew that at the moment are not working and are Deadalusx64 PSPFiler, the others all work. In the video I will show you our VHBL in function with the GPSP GBA emulator.

    I want to emphasize that I and my partner will release this exploit to the next FW update from Sony and we decided to publish here the news and not on wololo because it is the best of the scene!

    Here is a short list of running homebrew which will soon be updated:
    • gpSP test3 v.3.4 Build 152
    • PSPlorer
    • Doom
    • Daedalus r13
    • EmuMaster V3.GX FF XIII Edition
    • Wagic
    • Atari 800
    • Mario Fusion 2.0
    • Bookr

    It makes a special thank you to Agrippa ModdingStudio for being the first tester PSVita over to me and Dodi and its availability. See you soon!

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    game must be gone, i can't find it

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    JeoWay Guest
    Cosimo sent me his VHBL port. Yet i'm too lazy to port it to another region where I am so I can test it -_-

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    Apr 2005

    VHBL Port by Qwikrazo87 to PS Vita Firmware 2.12 is Now Available

    Just a few days since the initial news of the release, today Qwikrazo87's VHBL port to the PlayStation Vita Firmware 2.12 has been released.

    Download: VHBL For Gamocracy One: Legend Of Robot US (NPUZ00259DATA00_DISTRIB_v2.zip - initial release, 2013/07/22) / VHBL For Gamocracy One: Legend Of Robot EU (NPEZ00374DATA00_DISTRIB.zip - EU Fix, 2013/07/23)

    To quote: VHBL for Vita 2.12

    Here it is, the long awaited VHBL release for Qwikrazo87′s VHBL port to the Vita Firmware 2.12!

    So, before we give you the files, a bit of disclaimer: This VHBL port runs through an exploit in the game Gamocracy one: legend of Robot. We announced that game secretly to our community members over the past few weeks, and publicly a few days ago. Since then, Sony have pulled the game from their stores, and if history repeats itself, the next Vita firmware update will have a patch for the game. Bottom line is, if you read this article and don’t already have the exploited game installed on your Vita, you missed the opportunity.

    Most of the development and testing has been done on the US version of the game, which goes with code number NPUZ00259. As is often the case, the EU version of the game (NPEZ00374) is also exploitable, but we discovered late in the game that it was available to some people using a trick involving a PS3, so it was less extensively tested.

    Known issues

    Not all homebrews will work with VHBL, head over to the gigantic VHBL Homebrew thread for details on what games work or not.

    There is a bug with the default menu (wMenu) which might tell you with a red screen, something along the lines of: "Error! Couldn’t find any homebrews in ms0:/PSP/VHBL/ Please check your config file and/or restart VHBL"

    If you see this error, don't freak out, just press LEFT TRIGGER. This is a known issue, and happens only as long as you don’t have any homebrew installed. To get rid of this error message, press the LEFT TRIGGER on your console, this will force wMenu to go to the SAVEDATA subfolder.

    The issue is a simple one but I was too lazy to fix that. People with the right coding skills might want to have a look at the source of wMenu here (code.google.com/p/w-menu/) and send me a patch.

    Alternatively, you can give a try to an other menu such as 138Menu here.

    Update: From Acid_Snake on another incoming User Mode exploit: Like I said, there are a few reasons why I want to release a new exploit right after Gamocracy was released not so long ago, here they are:
    • Total_Noob might release a new kernel exploit
    • Firmware 2.60 is a big update
    • This exploit, afaik, is available at least in EU and US, and should also be available in Japan and other territories, allowing for more people to have access to at least VHBL.
    • The exploit’s compatibility is a lot better than Gamocracy, Apache, and most other previously released VHBL exploits.

    Now, let me make this clear: THE EXPLOIT WILL BE RELEASED WITH VHBL UNTIL TN CONFIRMS A NEW KERNEL EXPLOIT, so I don’t want anyone asking “d0es it pl4y 1S0s?” cause I’ll directly ignore you. If TN decides to release a kernel exploit, YOU WILL SEE THE NEWS HERE, until then: VHBL IS ALL YOU GOT. I know I sound harsh, but it’s a pain how the forums becomes bloated with people asking the same questions over and over again when the answer can easily be found with little to no effort.

    On the other hand, I will continue to feed you with news on the development on this: FAQs, Compatibility List, Tech Support through the forums, any possible kernel exploit release, etc, so don’t hesitate to ask questions that are hard to find the answer for.

    Last but not least, if you find someone leaking the name of the game on some other forum, news site, or whatever, tell me or wololo by PM, at the end of the release I will give a 20$ PSN code to the person who reports most leaks. Have fun with the exploit, eCFW or not.

    Finally, in related news qwikrazor87 has also made available SGKeyDumper alongside some updates below, as follows:

    Download: SGKeyDumper v1/ SGKeyDumper v1.1 / SGKeyDumper v1.2 / SGKeyDumper v1.3

    The very useful SGKeyDumper plugin for the PSP has been updated to v1.3 by resident developer and moderator qwikrazor87 adding some bug fixes for some games.

    This plugin is able to dump a PSP game’s save-data key a lot faster than SGDeemer because it only dumps the key, it doesn’t decrypt the save-data.

    This is a useful tool if you’re going to use SED for PC by another developer and moderator hgoel0974. You can use these combination of tools when looking for savedata exploits for the PSVita.

    SGKeyDumper v1.3

    Hello everyone. Here is a lightweight simple plugin to dump a game's savedata key. I know that there are others like SGDeemer or FreeCheat but this one works in games where SGDeemer fails/crashes the game (like Duael Invaders) and it is much faster since it is only dumping the key, and with FreeCheat you need to go through a bunch of options to dump the key, just enable this plugin and it'll be ready to dump the key.

    The savedata key is dumped to ms0:/PSP/SAVEPLAIN/(SAVEDATAFOLDER)/(GAMEID).bin and it is ready to be used with SED for PSP or hgoel's SED for PC. Oh yeah, there is no fancy menu.

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