Today Alexander Bravve at Nordcurrent has shared a video introduction of Jewel Keepers: Easter Island for Sony's PSP handheld console.

To quote: We are releasing Jewel Keepers: Easter Island, our latest minis title, very soon, and I wanted to tell you a few things about it.

As you might have guessed from the title, Jewel Keepers: Easter Island is a Match-3 game set on the Easter Island. As in all Match-3 games, you are required to swap adjacent jewels to put three jewels of the same colour next to each other in one row or column.

However, we have added a few gameplay elements that make Jewel Keepers different. You can have a look at the trailer to see the differences:

When you start a new level, all cells are grey. When jewels disappear, they turn grey cells into golden cells, and the goal of the game is to turn all cells into golden ones. This sounds pretty straight-forward when you think of an ordinary rectangular level.

However, as you progress further, you will be faced with more sophisticated level shapes, and it will get more and more challenging. And satisfying, once you complete the level.

And a few words about bonuses: we wanted to make bonuses a bit different from other games. We have time bombs that destroy all adjacent jewels of one colour. We have horizontal and vertical bombs that destroy all jewels in one row or column once activated. There is a Randomized Jewel that rapidly changes its colour and, once you activate it, all jewels of its current colour will be destroyed.

And let's not forget that the game is set on the Easter Island! There is a story with nice comic-like cut- scenes about a mystery that is unveiling on the Easter Island, which is also a nice addition for those who like a good story.

The game will be out next week and I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading this!

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