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    It would be nice to have a standalone packaged exploit, but I know this is asking way too soon. I really hope Sony's security hasn't dramatically increased since the PSP/PS3 to defeat this completely.

    Perhaps a hardware solution is being worked on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenza View Post
    And now what? will sony remove psp emulator?

    i don't think so... psvita is too young to start removing backwards compatibility like they did with ps3!
    This is sony we're talking about here

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    Haha ... Sony can remove the emulator at any moment for "security reasons".

    Better they can disable it without letting you know. The PSvita has an online kill switch (as is said inside of the Terms of agreement).

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    Hey there ! I just downloaded the Unit 13 demo (which took approximately 2h to complete), I disabled wifi after this of course, and the VHBL is still working

    But if you don't want to take the risk, you can always turn off your wifi router, turn your PS Vita on and disable wifi on it (and remove your wifi settings too, just in case) and then turn your wifi router on again

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    Thx for letting me know

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    Oh ye. A memory card for crack our PSVITA, then restart your PSVITA, and every rip will work. But everytime you need this procedure again, PS3 dongle style. Cool future huh?

    I pray what i described will be available soon. Seriously.

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    Fun fact: PSP emulator is still having a lot of backdoors that are not patched.

    Vita mode is also having some serious problems with me. When playing Unit13 the game stuck a lot of times on loading a save-game. Also when you eject the game and push the PS button it will start to blink. I cannot get it to work anymore. I let it run dry on battery but when i switch it on the PSVita still has black screen and a blinking PS button. So i guess we can do something with that. Time will tell... Unfortunately i cannot help because of the blinking PS button.

    EDIT: Don't panic. To save the PlayStation Vita from the blinking blue light of death, hold the On/Off button located on the top of your Vita for about 30 seconds. Your Vita will boot into a debug menu where you can choose to start it up normally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Panic View Post
    What does VHBL stand for? o.o
    >mfw i see this... (mygodgtfokid).. you don't keep up with the scene ??
    >mfw i don't have a face

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Panic View Post
    It's not really hacked now anyway so there really is no point in getting one.
    You're missing the point here - the earlier HW revisios with lower possible FW you'll have the higher chances are of having that particular unit hacked (earlier) - same like with PS3s or PSPs ...

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    I will keep my psvita in fw1.06, i will not take the same risk of psp fw1.50 ^^

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