G5 Entertainment's Business Development Director Julia Palatovska has shared a video today showcasing The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal, which hits PSP on PSN today.

To quote: Do you like hidden object adventure games? If so, then we've got great news for you: G5 Entertainment has released the very first hidden object game in the minis category on PlayStation Store.

Welcome to The Mystery of the Crystal Portal - a fascinating adventure game that will challenge your attention and associative skills.

What makes The Mystery of the Crystal Portal special? Well, from the very beginning of the game you're involved in an adventure. You meet the journalist Nicole Rankwist whose archaeologist father disappeared during his study of the mysterious Crystal Portal, and together with Nicole, you start your search for Mr. Rankwist.

During your quest you visit various locations around the world, and in each location you are required to find hidden objects to unlock the next scene with more puzzling tasks.

The gameplay has an unusual twist which makes the difference - hidden objects in each scene are brought together in sets, and often objects of one set will be revealed only after you find all objects of another set in the same scene. These mild brain-teasers keep you excited throughout the game, so that you won't want to put it down.

I won't miss an opportunity to mention the game's music and graphics. I bet that even seasoned gamers will appreciate stunning detailed panoramas that open in each scene. Add music that perfectly depicts the atmosphere of early twentieth century and get the feeling of unfolding an intriguing adventure that you've been waiting to get on PSP.

The game is available for €4,99/3.99 and includes the following features:

- Full-screen graphics
- Smooth zoom in & out options
- Six thrilling countries to visit
- Unique mini-games
- Compatibility with PS3

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