Ubisoft Associate Producer Julien Quety has announced that Ghost Recon Predator is out today for the PlayStation Portable handheld.

To quote: We'd like to introduce you to Ghost Recon Predator for PSP, where you'll lead your elite squad deep behind enemy in the jungles of Sri Lanka.

In the game, the Ghosts encounter the enemy on his own ground; he knows the terrain better, has more allies, and knows where to hide and where to attack. Surprise is on his side - he can be anywhere and he can be anyone.

In a crowded street, you'll first have to make the distinction between friend and foe, and the only way to fulfil your mission is with the help of your technology and training.

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With Ghost Recon Predator we wanted you to experience the Ghost Fantasy at its best on a handheld console. It is possible to unlock new weapons and customizations for your high-tech gadgets and your characters throughout the adventure. The soldiers in your team are highly trained and you can swap between different characters during the game.

The one thing that we are really excited about is the multiplayer co-op for up to three players. We hope you enjoy it!

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