Housemarque Community Manager Tommaso De Benetti shared a video today announcing that Furmins rolls to PlayStation Vita on December 17th, 2013.

Below are the details and video trailer, to quote: Hi there, Tommaso De Benetti from Housemarque and Alexey Menshikov from Beatshapers speaking. After a minor Q&A setbacks caused by a prank our little furry friends conjured up, we are finally able to confirm the North American release of Furmins on PS Vita!

In Furmins, players will attempt to guide the eponymous and loveable creatures across fiendishly designed levels by rearranging a variety of items in real time with well-coordinated precision. Strategically placed items create pathways and physical chain reactions that guide the Furmins to a basket at the end of the level.

Wondering what happened to the Furmins Kingdom to justify a whole gaming adventure? Here's a quick overview:

The Furmins are a happy race of creatures living a happy, peaceful existence.

Things were rolling along great until the fateful day their benevolent (yet rather large)...

... King fell asleep, rolled over a river forming an impromptu dam and blocked their flow of water!

When it comes to puzzle games, levels are what make (or break) a title. This holds true in Furmins, too. The ultimate judges will - as always - be players around the world, but we are confident in the 100+ unique levels included in the game.

Solving each puzzle is a two-step process. First, players enter Setup mode, where they strategically place items and contraptions to create safe pathways while the world stands still.

There are plenty of items the player can place around levels: small and large bumpers, flippers, conveyor belts, rotating gadgets, blocks of ice, ropes and vines, cannons and even vehicles!

The second phase is called Action mode, where the stage comes to life while physics take over. During this phase, players can interact with certain contraptions (using PS Vita's touchscreen or rear touch pad) and help the Furmins reach their destination unharmed.

Switching between modes at any moment will let you test various ideas quickly, until a solution is found. Each level has multiple solutions, so be creative and use items in unusual ways!

To see Furmins in action, check out the gameplay trailer at the top of this post. For more information, check and follow @beatshapers and @Housemarque on Twitter.

[imglink=|Video: Furmins Rolls to PlayStation Vita on December 17th, 2013][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Furmins Rolls to PlayStation Vita on December 17th, 2013][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: Furmins Rolls to PlayStation Vita on December 17th, 2013][/imglink]
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