Sony's European Product Manager Joey Payne has shared a video trailer today announcing the Everybodys Tennis PSP demo launch on PSN Store.

To quote: I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know some fantastic news, remember the demo that I mentioned way back when we first announced Everybody's Tennis PSP in April?

Well, it's here for you to download and enjoy!

This is a little sample of the game to wet your appetite and introduce you to the characters and the game play

Firstly let me introduce Hugo! A cheeky little chappy isn't he? You will have already seen him in action in the announcement trailer.

Now moving on to Emily, the sweetheart of the courts, watch out though, she has a fierce backhand!

Well guys, I hope you are enjoying all the fantastic news coming out of E3, Make sure to download the demo (it's free!!!).

[viddler id=7b755a80&w=545&h=327]

Just a note, this will be available from 3:00PM UK time on the store.

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