SCEA San Diego Studio Producer Vernon Mollette has shared a video today on the PlayStation Blog showcasing the behind-the-scenes launch of ModNation Racers for Sony's PSP.

To quote: We've talked at length about the over-the-top kart racing action, as well as the revolutionary Creation Studio tools that let you design Mods, Karts, and Tracks on the fly before you Share them with the world!

What we haven't talked about yet is price. You can get all of this amazing content for a low price of $29.99, whether you prefer to buy it on UMD or digitally through the PlayStation Store.

With over 25 tracks, a PSP-version exclusive Last Kart Standing Mode, and virtually endless user-generated content, this really is an incredible purchase for the long summer days.

Speaking of long days...just how hard have we been working? Well I kind of touched on that in my previous post, when I mentioned a Behind-the-Scenes video that was coming.

It's here now to watch, and watching it myself I am reminded of all the fun we had making ModNation Racers as well as all that hard work. Throughout the video you'll see some of our daily meetings, trips to QA, and nearly every person focused on making the game all that it is today!

[viddler id=b4e3ef5e&w=327&h=545]

From day 20 down to the final hours before we shipped, from funny moments to the serious make-or-break decisions that have to be made on the fly, everything is chronicled in this video. You will see the design decisions, bug reviews, programmers and artists working side-by-side and some of the levity that breaks the tension of a team at 4am.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy this first installment of the video, above. And alas, now I can finally see you on the track!

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