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    Video: Army Corps of Hell for PS Vita: A Taste of Multiplayer

    Square Enix Community Manager Robert Peeler has posted up a video today spotlighting the multiplayer aspects of Army Corps of Hell for PlayStation Vita below.

    To quote: It's not too often you see a game from Square Enix employ the use of death metal guitar, screamo vocals, and copious amounts of blood.

    Army Corps of Hell brings a new level of action to PS Vita. After being defeated in battle, the King of Hell is burned down to a meager corpse, stripped of his powers, and banished from his throne.

    He uses the last of his strength to take command of a legion of weak-minded yet bloodthirsty goblins to reclaim his throne.

    To annihilate the demons of Hell, you'll control an army of up to 100 goblin soldiers with unique classes and abilities. In true Square Enix fashion, a new synthesis system lets you combine materials dropped by fallen foes to create new equipment for your troops.

    Customized equipment can change your goblin soldiers' looks and upgrade the abilities. We're making use of the various features of the PlayStation Vita and we've implemented ad-hoc multiplayer.

    Check out the latest trailer above, which shows brutal ad-hoc (local multiplayer action with up to four players.)

    The rear touchpad can be used to command your Goblins to play instruments- activating special properties. You can use this to revive your hero, rejuvenate your soldiers, and inspire your army to increase their strength! Skillful play is rewarded with substantial benefits and a greater edge against the demon horde.

    Using these strategies and some help from friends, you can tackle even greater challenges and pillage the rarest loot in the game.

    I've really enjoyed the theme of the game, and I'm really getting into the soundtrack. Watching the trailer has me aching for some Refused or Woundeep!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    properBo Guest
    looks fun but so expensive and no wi-fi mp? As far as ad-hoc gaming, I doubt I can convince anyone I know to invest as much $$ into vita as I have.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    TBH the game doesn't look too fun, and like you've mentioned it doesn't support Wi-Fi mp so there is not much going for this game imo.

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    A game that looks like it was made for the 1st gen PSP... wtf.. this is even worse than DOOM or Duke Nukem... (and even those games are badass... even today)

    isn't the PSvita supposted to be like.. super freaking (hardcore) powerful? why buy something for 200$ only to probably play games that look this crappy... only thing that seemed cool about this trailer was

    1- music
    2- bloody text layouts
    3- art cover of the game case....

    game looks like garbage.... and as for the adhoc BS.... wow, never heard of wifi or etc ?

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