Today 505 Games Senior Brand Manager Richard Gittins announced Terraria officially arrives on PlayStation Vita.

To quote: We're delighted to be giving PS Vita players the chance to jump into the world of Terraria, and satisfy the requests of so many fans in the process.

The core game that so many Terrarians know and love remains the same, however the Vita has allowed us to introduce a bunch of new features and functionality, making the Vita version super-fun to play and great looking at the same time!

It's the revamped control system that's seen the most focus this time around, in terms of really delivering something new and unique; introducing touch support to make the gameplay experience more immediate, tactile, and absorbing.

You can use touch controls to combine and craft intuitively within the item interface, but also when digging, building, and creating your own environments - this time with added finesse.

You can also jump in and enjoy online multiplayer with up to eight players, whether that's battling each other in a fight for survival, or teaming up to take on bosses and build bigger and better worlds together.

Not only that, but you've got the added benefits of cross platform play and cross save with your PS3. Play Terraria against whoever you want, wherever you want, however you want.

The Vita version gives you all the original Terraria content, in your hands, along with a glimpse of the new content from the recent 1.2 PC update too.

It's really exciting to finally be bringing the world of Terraria to the PlayStation Vita today, 11th December, and to unleash the game on all those many fans that have been requesting us to do so.

There's been no need to tinker with the awesome core gameplay, but PS Vita definitely allows us and Engine Software to embellish some of the cool things that we'd already put in place for the console version. It looks amazing on the Vita screen too!

Tweaked controls

We've redesigned the control especially for the handheld PS Vita, introducing touch support that allows for greater finesse in the crafting and item interface The whole of Terraria really is one big canvas to play with, and we're really happy how accessible the Vita version is, just like the console version before it.

Cross-platform play

You'll also be able to enjoy online multiplayer, with up to eight players, though how you play is up to you; whether you join up to fight bosses together, build added-awesome castles, or duel each other in PvP combat!

Not only that but with PS Vita we've introduced Cross-Platform Play and Cross-Save to Terraria for the first time, allowing you to interact and game with PS3 players or save your game and pick it up again on your PS3. It's the perfect game to play on the go and then return to the warmth of your home and pick up where you left... especially at this time of the year!

New content

Finally, we've been able to introduce a glimpse of the recent 1.2 PC update, including over a dozen new items and recipes, two completely new armour sets, and more than 20 new deadly foes including eight new Zombie enemies and six new fearsome new Demon Eye variants!

All of that and all the original Terraria content too - 200 crafting recipes, over 25 block types to build anything you can imagine, more than 100 monsters (zombies, wyverns, unicorns, and evil clowns ), over 30 inhabitants to meet and recruit to your home, and over a dozen environments to explore - there's never been a better time to play!

The PS Vita version of Terraria really does offer a whole new way to pick up and play the game that's beloved by millions of Terrarians already. We hope you love it too!

There really has never been a better time to pick up and play Terraria.

[imglink=|Video: 505 Games Announces Terraria Out Today on PlayStation Vita][/imglink]
[imglink=|Video: 505 Games Announces Terraria Out Today on PlayStation Vita][/imglink]
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