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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I don't like the combination of words "ISO loader" and "won't be released" in one sentence.

    Until, the further proof, I'll be skeptical, so let me say it: FERROX ISO LOADER (Vita Edition) - here I come!

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    moja Guest
    Well, it's the first time I've personally seen the video. Makes me a little happier inside. In due time my Vita may get more use.

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    blazr Guest
    Thanks team

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    StanSmith Guest
    I just want to play Manhunt 2 on a bigger screen. As the PS3 doesn't play PS2 games I have nowhere to play it except the little PSP GO atm.

    Lets hope someone leaks it to us like they did this video.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Video: VHBL New Game Exploit Running on PS Vita Firmware 1.81

    Previously we reported that VHBL was running via a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite exploit on PlayStation Vita Firmware 1.80, followed by Sony patching it in v1.81 with wololo back this weekend demonstrating a new game exploit running VHBL once again on PS Vita Firmware 1.81.

    The video shows VHBL running Wagic (Magic the Gathering simulation) and gPSP (a GBA Emulator), however, once the new game exploit is publicly disclosed Sony will likely release another PS Vita Firmware update in order to resecure their handheld console once again.

    Below is the video, and to quote from wololo's blog:

    Latest Sony firmware 1.81 patches the Monster hunter exploit, but as usual, Sony has been kind enough to only patch that specific game, and not prevent VHBL itself from running. The video below shows VHBL running on firmware 1.81.

    This is VHBL running on an undisclosed game exploit on firmware 1.81. In the video, Iím showing VHBL running Wagic, as well as Game Boy Advanceís ďAdvanced Wars 2″ running through the GBA Emulator gPSP. Those of you with a good sense of sight might see that this is a quite old VHBL build, thatís simply because I was too lazy to re-compile to the latest version, and I didnít really have to since this old build just ran out of the box.

    It is no surprise that VHBL is still running, and I understand that at this point, people might be expecting more than VHBL. This is just to show that we still have access to these exploits, so those of you who updated and regret losing homebrew access see that there are still solutions being worked on. There is of course no word on a release yet, especially since the exploit is not mine. Those who want to keep homebrew on their Vita for now should stick to 1.80 and Monster Hunter.

    As a reminder, anybody who owns a PSP can look for such exploits and port VHBL to them. Nowadays it requires more luck and dedication than programming skills!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    StanSmith Guest
    Care factor, 0

    I think as we've seen the video of ISOs running we no longer care for VHBL as its crap. We are waiting for ISOs to be running so hurry and release that devs. We now know you've been able to play backups for months so WHY wont you release it to the public?

    If it needs VHBL to run then the care factor goes up to about 2 but as they wont release it'll stay at 0. Same as the care factor for the devs. Release it or go away.

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    dsavage Guest
    well put stan... we we want the psp/ps1 iso loader.

    only would care for this if it's needed to run the iso loader.

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