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Thread: UVLoader: Usermode PS Vita Loader is Now Under Development

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I already purchased monster, do you know when wololo will release the files for the exploit?

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    StanSmith Guest
    I have enough problems with the vita crashing and locking up I don't need some homebrew helping it.

    I'm going to wait for a CFW before I start messing with it. OR at least backups playing.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I did buy the game, even though Im not planning on installing anything yet. Emulators are useless they are available in every platform ever made and we've played those games like forever. Now if we had even a psp loader that would be a different story, and Im only asking for one because kingdoms hearts is not available for the vita or crisis core

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    20$ well i got it was 799 in europe but wouldnt let me purchase that one for some reason.. looking forward to the files, wouldnt mind playing some emulators on the vita marvel vs capcom n what not.

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    I finally got the game (and a few days in advance before pubblic release)

    Now i have just to wait for VHBL files

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I got it with the anouncement of ps3news, didn't even have the twitter or was registered to the wololo forums. Guess those ninja releases are in fact pretty good we all were waiting for the announcement.

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    StanSmith Guest

    Video: Running PSP ISOs (PSP ISO Loader) on the PS Vita Demo

    Below is a demo video from wololo (via The Z from German site of a developer running PSP ISOs using a PSP ISO Loader on the PlayStation Vita handheld console.

    To quote: "You might remember the hacker whom I nicknamed “Tony”, who was able to run PS1 games and psp isos with a CFW on a PS Vita. Or you might remember Davee’s HEN running on a PS Vita back in march. You might also remember that I mentioned that several groups are now in possession of a PSP kernel exploit on the Vita.

    Well it seems today that a beta tester for one of these groups was not completely careful, and leaked a video showing him running psp isos on a Vita (video below).

    The video shows the tester (who is possibly Chinese) running isos for Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker and Shining Blade through a (PSP) kernel exploit.

    I have been told that the initial video has since then been removed which is why I’m thinking of a beta-tester mistake, but that was probably too late and the video got copied to other networks such as youtube.

    What I can tell you right now is that this video is legit, and that this is neither Davee nor “Tony”‘s work. But this should not be a surprise to most people here, as I’ve mentioned in the past that we know of at least 5 groups that have PSP kernel exploits.

    It’s worth mentioning that these exploits do not use VHBL in any way, but it is likely that most of them would require to go through a user mode exploit first (which probably means one of the game exploits we typically release with our Ninja release system).

    There is, of course, no word on a potential release of this hack."

    From The Z (roughly translated), to quote: "On the Asian youku video platform now a video has surfaced showing a PS Vita, which launches a sort ISO Loader, bringing to all appearances the PSP ISOs and CSOs can start. Even if this has already been made possible by other projects from other developers, this is the first time that a video was made of it and published.

    One can assume that this PSP ISO Loader will not be published for the PS Vita, as it Will not appear based on the VHBL is. Although this would appear PSP ISO Loader, the PS Vita would hardly hurt because no PS Vita can play ROMs or what is currently at the PS Vita is the most important thing."

    Kinda pisses me off. They have had kernel hacks and can play ISOs for months but still force the public into VHBL which only lets you use homebrew in a usermode. As PSPs can already play ISOs what is the problem with letting the Vita play PSP ISOs?

    Finally, in related PlayStation Vita hacking news today wololo reports that a JTAG port on the PS Vita may have been found, to quote:

    Japanese developer goroh_kun, known locally for some of his work on Android, recently started investigating the PlayStation Vita. A few days ago he wondered if any hacker had seriously started to look into the Vita’s hardware (the answer was no, at least not publicly).

    Yesterday he published a simple photo of the Vita CPU (picture below), showing what could be a JTAG port on the CPU. For those of you who don’t know, JTAG is a standard for electronics debugging (yay wikipedia!). It is used mostly for testing circuit boards (such as a console motherboards) during hardware development phases, but also in production, in order to randomly test retail units for quality control, or to check damaged units.

    Could these 8 silver squares close to the CPU be JTAG ports? Because JTAG allows anybody to communicate with the hardware, it is, of course, used by hackers as well to learn more about the hardware they are dealing with.

    Therefore a working JTAG port on a Sony console would probably be very useful for hackers, but it would also be extremely surprising. Sony has been known to factory-deactivate JTAG ports from their consoles in the past, so such a mistake would be extremely unlikely. But we’ll see

    One interesting side-effect of this is that we are seeing more people coming from non-console hacking worlds into the Vita realm. Yifanlu was mostly known for work on the Kindle, and goroh_kun usually lurks in the Android scene. If anything, I would say that Sony’s consoles have gained a reputation of being fairly secure, and this attracts hardware and software hackers looking for a challenge.

    [imglink=|Video: Running PSP ISOs (PSP ISO Loader) on the PS Vita Demo][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: Running PSP ISOs (PSP ISO Loader) on the PS Vita Demo][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    I have now promoted it to the main page, cheers for the update StanSmith and +Rep!

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    damn stan, I just made a comment that the only thing I would like would be a psp iso loader and bam you post this article.

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    day are scared to least ISO Loader it to the public but why did they let everyone know about the ISO Loader but maybe one of them release ISO Loader to the public but someone will release it anyway

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