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    Is there any way for me to use the features in the 2.6 firmware without upgrading from my 1.5 firmware? I would like to take advantage of the WMA playback feature and the Web browser on occasion, but I don't need either feature all the time. And obviously I'm not going to upgrade my firmware. I know there are browsers and media players out there for the 1.5, but the built in ones seem nicer. The homebrew media players that I have played with so far, didn't work all that well.

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    Other than the stuff you mentioned (homebrew browsers/media players) I don't believe there is a way to use the $ony OEM ones on a lower version PSP. I'm sure if this was the case, nobody would upgrade ever.

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    I was thinking along the lines of somehow loading the 2.6 firmware on to the memory stick and fooling the system into thinking I was on that version, thus being able to utilize the 2.6 features until the PSP was rebooted. Kind of like how the loader works to let you play games that require 2.0.

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    i think the problem why we dont have the 2.6 fw, is cause they cant decrypt it, they only managed to do it till 2.5 fw... so unless they cant find a way to extract it from the eboot update, or from a 2.6 psp we cant play 2.6 games yet.

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    talking about decrypting the 2.6, plz correct me if i am wrong, what is the name of the software that sony uses to make these firmwares? isn't called SDK? and didn't that leak on the net already? so we are human beings, we build stuff, we take it apart, put it back to gether to understand better how it works, i guess isn't this called reverse engineering? i am sorry i might just be blabling here but i guess i don't understand if we have the software that sony uses to make this firmwares why is it so hard to reverse and figure out what they are doing?

    thank you.

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    All that was leaked in the past was the includes which is a small part of the $DK, not the .a libs, tools, etc. Also, the leak was from a v1.50 PSP $DK and so even if the entire thing was leaked/released it wouldn't help with the 2.60 decryption... the chances of getting a more recent 2.6 file leak are probably even slimmer.

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    Has anyone come up with homebrew that can let us use location free player?

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