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    Updating PSP to V1.50 only, Gaming woes

    Hey all,

    Right, basically i have a V1.00 Jap class PSP, and when it comes to me trying to load all this stuff like Lumines Launcher etc etc for me, its totally different and is giving me hell. For starters, because of the rules of this board, i can't really say what Lumines i've...acquired. So it becomes a problem.

    So, when i try to load up Lumines it doesn't, crashing back to the main menu, over and over again. I've tried loading it with Wipeout Pure in and it does the same thing. For some apparent reason the other game that comes with it, Puzzle Bobble, does work if you install the Boot to the correct place, allowing it to run when Wipeout Pure is in.

    I've tried everything i can think off and i'm running out of ideas. Is there anyway of fixing this, or can i find something to update my firmware to v1.50 only, or what?

    Please for the love of god help me!!

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    Apr 2005
    Coded arms sould have the update.
    I know it only updates to 1.5 if at all, cause I played it today on a 1.5 and it did not update.

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