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    Stick Out Tongue upcoming iso loader...

    hi, i was wondering if anybody here knows if the iso loader program that they are saying that will be out one day will be compatible with those games/isos out there that already come with their own loaders (the games that are already patched)?

    the reason i ask is that it would kind of suck if it doens't work since most of the isos that are there were released with their own loaders... so if doesn't work then that means you have to find/get games/isos that are stand alones, right?

    or will we have a way to make the isos that come with their own loaders compatible with the upcoming iso all loader program?

    if somebody could explain this to me it would be really appreciated...

    thank you.
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    I don't think this can be answered until an .iSO Loader is actually released.

    With that being said- most of the time such things are meant to be used with official 'scene' releases done by the release groups though, so these are the images most people archive and use. The pre-made/modified images are convenient for the "newbies" but ideally it's nice to have the clean, original (unaltered) UMD dumps as you can always modify them yourself... or keep them in their native format if required by some upcoming Loader.

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    to ps2info admin...

    so is that why i keep having problems trying to run the isos that i have with the wab 2.5e and now the hookboot .92a?

    when i play the games that already came with their loaders, everything works fine. but if i try to use hookboot .92a and just copy and past the PSP_GAME folder from the isos that i have...of course i follow the directions on how and how and where to place them...then they don't work.

    have you or anybody else tried this already? if this is the would really suck as i have spent hours trying to find these isos out there...that means i will have to do it all over again and find isos that are all CLEAN, with no loaders and no patches.

    or can you explain a way to transform the ones that i have to become CLEAN again? do you know what i mean?

    thank you.

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    To get the Hook Boot to work with a game image (that already works with its own loader) is a bit more involved than "copy and past the PSP_GAME" to the proper places... the GAME itself must be compatable with the Hook Boot version (and related INI files) itself too- whether it originally came with its own loader or just a clean UMD dump image.

    Many of the modified images you likely have (excluding PSP game rips) simply use a patched BOOT.BIN file, so if the need ever arises for clean images you can just insert a clean BOOT.BIN file using UltraISO/WinImage or similar utility and re-save the image... or just manually change the bytes back that the BOOT.BIN patch changed. Honestly though, I wouldn't worry about it until there is an .iSO Launcher out... who knows, maybe it'll work with the pre-patched images as well as clean ones. Only time will tell for sure!

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    to admin...

    thank you for the explanation, to be honest with you...i was already freeking out over all this...because...well...i spent a few hours looking for these isos with their own loaders...then a few more hours for the pc to download them...and then a few more hours learning how to get them to work.

    since they released the wab 2.5e wifi loader...and this hookboot one...i have spent a few more hours researching and trying to get them to work with the isos i got...the main reason is wifi play. with the isos i have found, none of the wifi stuff you know why?

    in the readme file of the wab 2.5e wifi, it was written there that the loader would work with games that were aready patched...but i had no luck. i gave up on that...

    ok, i got another question for you if you don't mind...should i bother spending "more" hours in front of the computer trying to find ISOS that are ripped clean for the future? would this probably be easier then "reversing" the isos i got to clean copies?

    i am hoping that the devs will keep this in mind when they develop the ISO ALL LOADER program...i am pretty sure a lot of people out there have these isos that come with their own loaders...

    thank you and have a nice day/night

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    Why don't you just download the UMD dump utility - then you can rip 'clean' iso's of the UMD's you own? (You DO own them, don't you?!!)


    sorry - couldn't resist!


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