Takka has updated his unofficial GBA Emulator port for PSP today with the following changes:

Download: UnOfficial gpSP Kai v3.2 Test 07 for PSP

v3.2 Test 7 Changelog:

* HOME screen on / off, keymaps switching on the screen ratio, interlaced added to the configuration.
* Video.cfg almost unadjusted.
* Messages and files, video.cfg to update.

Translated Changes:

- Messages file changes
- MENU of cheat / other settings HOME buttons enable / disable Add
- MENU graphics / sound of a TV set when the output ratio / interlace setting Add
- The ratio of internal screen is nothing we do not, the corresponding parameters to read only.
- Gpsp.cfg HOME button to set the value added
- Gpsp.cfg key maps set to add value (Size 36 byte-> 104byte has been the automatic update.)
- PSP's main menu screen is not as a filter, video.cfg update
- The default keymap or specific game being switched
- At the end of the game cfg will be saved not to fix, FILTER is not reflected in the correction
- PSP-2000 CFW3.60 support did not, the corrected

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