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    Bakke Guest

    UnOfficial Final Burn Alpha LB for PSP v20080923 Released!

    One of the latest promising emulators for PSP has been updated. OopsWare and lbicelyne have released a second version of their unofficial Final Burn Alpha LB for the PSP, based on v0.2.96.86.

    Download: UnOfficial Final Burn Alpha LB for PSP v20080923 [Click Button]

    Supporting hardware platforms:

    - Capcom CPS-1
    - Capcom CPS-2
    - Cave
    - Neo-Geo
    - Toaplan

    There are some missing functions like Load/Save States and DIP Switch options. Nevertheless, game compatibility is pretty good and most games run at 60fps with minor slowdowns.

    Enjoy! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jefphar Guest
    How about CPS-3?

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