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    DSpider Guest

    Is UMDGen supposed to delete other files when...

    Is UMDGen supposed to delete other files when I delete the UPDATE folder from SYSDIR ?

    I usually delete BOOT.BIN too, but keep EBOOT.BIN because the game apparently doesn't start without it even if it's 'dummyfied'.

    I'm just asking out of curiousity because I'm new to UMDGen. If you'd like I can edit my post and add an attachement with a small desktop capture to further analyze the problem. It may be a bug or it may be a feature... I honestly don't know. LoL

    What is the size limit of an attachment on this forum ?

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    Apr 2005
    Make sure you're using the latest version (4.00) and if it still does that then it sounds like a bug.

    The attachment size here is 50MB for each attachment, but I don't think a screen capture is necessary as that was a common problem in the past so maybe for some PC configurations it still isn't fixed basically.

    There is an updated version of UMDGen (Vista compatible, etc) that has been ready for awhile, but no ETA on exactly when the author plans to release it yet.

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