Hi guys,

I'm new to the PSP scene but have been doing some research on your site and have an un-answered question. Are there any mini game patches out which force the game to work using the UMD Swap trick so i can always play head to head with my bro on his PSP head to head. Wipeout works ok with it, despite the fact i cant see how game sharing works with it, i surely missed something there.

Virtua Tennis has annoying errors when you try to boot multiplayer off the same disk by the swap method. Does anyone have any directions to point me in for anything which might help.

Sony are silly, we can buy the games over here in the UK for 30. In a way i'd be happy to pay that if i could be gaureteed that i could always play multiplayer with only 1 copy ( Bar RPG's and things like that).

Cheers in advance... hard finding decent info out there on goggle.. just piles of crap.