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    Ultimate Board Game Collection PSP

    Publisher: Valcon Game
    Category: Strategy/Sim
    Release Date: 26/04/07

    Get your fill of fun with this meat-and-potatoes collection of entertainment essentials. The Ultimate Board Game Collection is a one-stop portable game room loaded with 20 classic board and table-top games. These are the games that have been entertaining whole families for generations…the kind of games you can always come back to. Play chess, backgammon, Parcheesi, Concentration, Chinese checkers, Snakes & Ladders, and solve hundreds of jigsaws. Each game features customizable rules, environments, and difficulty levels. You can play against the computer or up to six friends, as well as select your preferred soundtrack..

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    Adding to the Master List- Thanks!

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    here is another game that i have not seen a release info yet and it is already being sold at stores... any news on this one guys?

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    game is out.

    full iso size = 121 mb

    Works fine on 3.40 OE-A with default settings

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