Today we received word that a Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire UK man previously convicted by SCE on more than one count has allegedly made his move from the illegal X-Box mod-chip market towards $ony's PSP handheld! The PSP Mod pictured to your left he claims will "rollback" any version of the PSP firmware to a less-protected (and older) version even on PSP v1.51/1.52+ units!

Of course this could be considered an even bigger (and long-term) threat to $ony's PSP developers than the "homebrew" loopholes found in older PSP 1.00 and 1.50 revisions, but according to a post reply made by himself on his own Web site Forums "the pic is a dev device, the actual product will be small plug in where you can just stick in a usb flash drive etc" so perhaps the product he brings to market will not face the same result as his past experiences with $ony Computer Entertainment.

Finally, we apologize for our own Forums still being down, but over the past few days PS3News.COM has been linked around the globe from MAJOR syndicated News sites including Reuters, Yahoo, and CNET but things will return to normal soon we anticipate so stay tuned!