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    Post Tutorials on running Image files

    hi, another question... will we ever have tutorials that will explain nicely and easily step by step on how to use this ISOs Image files and wab 2.5e programs?

    it would be really nice to have these tutorials explaining to newbies and others different ways of running these wab2.5 programs, and of course the games out there that have their own loaders included.

    if we are allowed to post tutorials... i will be more then happy to make some up with screen shoots of the ISOs with their own loaders that so far is the only step by step thing i know how to do.

    please let me know...

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    As far as I'm aware, there isn't a public version that will run .iSO files yet... only the extracted iSO Image files (if that is what you are referring to). Currently I just use the loaders that are included seperately with the PPF Patches, but as more games work with the launchers (WAB, iND, PSPX, HookBoot, etc) then I'm sure we'll move into doing some of those also.

    If you wish to get a head-start on making such a Tutorial that is fine for posting here, however, keep in mind (per our Site RULES) that we do not allow any links to external sites or places to get "XYZ" files. With that being said, if your Tutorial links to the related files available here on PS3News.COM then I'm sure it would be useful to our other members who also would like to try those launchers- good luck, and if you have any other questions (such as what is/isn't allowed, etc) just ask.

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    thank you admin. once i get a little bit of extra time here i will write a guide on how to use the isos out there that come with their own loaders. as for the links...don't worry...i WILL NOT post any

    also... i only learned how to use the first wab 2.5 program...i will make a guide for that too, but as for the wab 2.5e wifi one. i keep asking and asking how to use this program because, for some reason, none of the isos that i tried worked with that program. not sure what to do.. but i will keep on asking until someone tells me if they have had the same experience. if i figure out before, i will shout to the world and also make a tutorial on that. i like helping others (specially newbies) since... once... and still... i am ONE
    later cyber friend

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