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Thread: Total Noob's TN-v9 and TN-v9.5 eCFW for PlayStation Vita Arrives

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    Total Noob's TN-v9 and TN-v9.5 eCFW for PlayStation Vita Arrives

    Following up on his previous updates, today PlayStation Vita developer Total Noob released TN-V9 followed by v9.5 eCFW for the PS Vita handheld console with details below.

    Download: release_tnv9.rar / release_tnv95.rar / release_tnv95.rar (Mirror) / release_tnv96.rar

    To quote: We told you that it was coming, and now it is here! TN-V9 has been released.

    A reminder, TN-V is an eCFW option for PS Vita users who would like to be able to run homebrews and PSP ISO/CSO on their PS Vita. TN-V is currently supported on firmwares 3.01 and below. Other eCFW options, such as ARK are out there, but ARK is not supported on firmwares above 2.02 (as of yet ). To be able to run TN-V, you need to have one of the many exploited PSP exploit games listed below.

    This new version of Total-Noob’s eCFW adds, fixes, and removes a few features to the PS Vita PSP emulation arsenal. Let’s check them out:

    Changelog TN-V9:
    • Added: 12MB of additional memory unlocked for all firmwares for use internally
    • Added: PS1 sound emulation via Pete’s PEOPS SPU plugin
    • Added: Configuration option for the PEOPS plugin, accessible through the recovery menu
    • Added: Ability to view Vita firmware in “System Information”
    • Added & Fixed: A few internal things
    • Removed: The in-XMB FTP feature was removed because of bugginess i.e. messing up internet radio compatibility. A better FTP option will be added in a later eCFW revision.

    There are some PS1 games tested on TN-V for sound. Some work fine, others have choppy sound, white noise, or lock-ups. Our community is maintaining a PS1 sound compatibility list here:

    Update: Changelog TN-V9.5:
    • Added 'Blue Screen Of Death' technology. If your PS Vita crashes, this screen will appear and you can restart TN-V by pressing START. The crash information will be written to the savedata folder (exception.txt), so make sure that you copy the savedata from PS Vita -> PC and report this crash. With this enabled you don't need to hard-reset your PS Vita anymore.
    • Added possibility to disable PEOPS SPU plugin.
    • Added 'SPU update mode' and 'SPU thread priority' options. Play with these options and maybe your PS1 game will run more fluid.
    • Fixed 'white noise' in some PS1 games -> enhanced PS1 compatibility.

    Update #2: Changelog TN-V9.6:
    • Added sctrlHENLoadModuleOnReboot function.
    • Fixed execution of plain modules in buffer.
    • Fixed garbled sound -> enhanced PS1 compatibility.
    • Changed default PEOPS SPU settings.

    [imglink=|Total Noob's TN-v9 and TN-v9.5 eCFW for PlayStation Vita Arrives][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Total Noob's TN-v9 and TN-v9.5 eCFW for PlayStation Vita Arrives][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    moja Guest
    Awesome. Great to have total noob back at it. Hopefully the community can help him figure out the sound issues on ps1 isos and let me finally retire my phat psp.

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    I added the TN-V9.6 update to main article now as well.

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    Video: PSVita Firmware 3.15 Running Ark 2.0 eCFW Demo Arrives

    Today a PlayStation Vita video is available demonstrating PSVita Firmware 3.15 running Ark 2.0 eCFW with details below.


    To quote (via What is ARK? Basically it’s an alternative to Total_Noob’s TNV eCFW.

    ARK is a port of the PSP’s Pro CFW, but for the PSVita and it brings features that might be lacking in eCFW. In this new version of Ark for firmware 3.15, as demonstrated in the video below, many features have been updated. If you are looking for a 3.15 release, then show some love to it’s developers, who put in a lot of hard work and time in for something we all can enjoy.

    To answer the question that will be fired in rapid succession by everyone watching “when could we see a release of a VHBL, TN-V or ARK?” Well, that’s up to the people that spend countless UNPAID hours working so hard to bring you all your favorite retro and homebrew games to the PSVita with eCFW or VHBL.

    If I was a gambling man, I’d have to guess to the next release of ANY kernel exploit allowing ANY eCFW would be after the launch of the Playstation TV. If you read between the lines, you can assume that these kexploits are yearly releases, but hey, who knows? Maybe the devs will surprise us all if we show ‘em how much we appreciate their work. But for now, just sit back, relax and wait to see what the next big move is, because I have a feeling it’s going to be something good for everyone.

    All credit goes to qwikrazor87, Acid_Snake, codestation, GUIDOBOT, DS Marine, xerpi, & lets not forget the original PRO Team.

    ARK is the PSP eCFW that you may want. You’ll be able to take advantage of a lot of PSP Homebrew and other stuff thanks to the support ARK eCFW provides. The list of featues is quite impressive. Some include support for your PSX games, a customizable menu, plugin support and a lot more...

    Note from heleius: “For the love of God, please don’t ask anyone mentioned here when the release is going to be, that just pisses off everyone!”

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