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    TOCA Race Driver 2 PSP

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to get this to work but I have no luck. I guess i have a rip of the game because i see a PSP_Game folder and a UMD_DATA.bin. I tried to put it all together into an ISO using UMDGEN 3.01 but everytime i save it, it turns into a .rar file with the same contents. I'm stuck and i have no experience with ISOs or how to run them. help pls

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    ok well i figured out what i did wrong and i got the toca to work. however, when i finish the second race of the career mode, the loading orange light flickers constantly and nothing loads. i know it stops working because if i try to exit via home button it freezes officially. what happened? i put it on the way it said to and it runs fine (not including the intro screen which runs slow). is it the ISO or the fact i needed to use UMD gen to turn it into a .DAX? help plz.

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    Does n e one know why the music in the game doesn't work? You can transfer songs into the game but it doesn't seem to play them. It's the Toca.Race.Driver.2.EUR.UMDRip.PSP release. The in game racing music doesn't play either, apart from the menu music.

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    This may be a bit late but Toca Race Driver Euro version doesn't work properly. As stated previously, it freezes on a black screen after the second race. The memory stick light continues flashing, but nada!

    I've checked the master list and it seems that the US version is working alright though. Plus I heard that the Australian version: V8 supercars works too but I haven't checked that one out personally. In any case, stick with the US version and the latest devhooks for this one.


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