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    i also have a 1gb stick and i got it to 959mb with the UPDATE folder gone. i need it to be about 900mb. has anyone removed the Video folder it has about 65mb in it. and what else could i remove ?

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    I've changed all the movies into copies of the smallest movie, removed the Update folder and CSO'd it and the file is now 931,806 kb.

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    Buy a 2 Gig Pro Duo Stick..........

    They have come down in Price to the price of the 1 Gig Cards, Save up for One

    So no need to Worry about Ripkits anymore....

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    I've gotten the game down to 674MB by relinking all the audio and video, and also importing the original file list then cso'ing it. Works so far bought a house car and raced a few times I'll see if there is any problems later on when I play some more.

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    pretty impressive beta - yes there are some glitches, such as when using first person, you can sometimes see "water" at the bottom of the screen, and during the two races I've played, 2 AI cars always hit each other off the line and one of the others looks like it's having a fit !

    Still, an amazing feat to put all this onto a PSP game. Will definately being buying it when it comes out.

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    i ll wait for pc version

    i tried the closed beta and it was so excellent !!!

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    Hey Guys,

    This game is buggy for me. It goes black screen after loading the warnings and during the "Please Wait", I get: "FATAL ERROR #1. Generic fatal error file/line:TDG_PlatformSupport.cpp (908) build: Gold"

    Anyone have any idea how to fix this? I'm trying to run this untouched on 3.03 OE-C with a Sony 4GB ms pro duo. Also, I used the ripkit and let it run, but I didn't turn the ripped version into a .cso. Would making it into a .cso fix the problem or do I just have a bad copy?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by neatyned2 View Post
    This game is buggy for me.
    did you use this release Test_Drive_Unlimited_EUR_PROMO_PSP-pSyPSP?

    i think if you use other release, it will not work as there is some sort of problem with other releases.

    also, try upgrading to 3.10 oe-a/a2 to see if it get fixed.

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    I didn't like this game. The cars are not responsive, like there is a delay when turning and braking. The AI sucks, the cars move in a twitchy way, are always bumping each other, and when you think you are winning a rival car just passes you by at double speed. There are also lots of bugs (probably because this version of the game is not final) like sometimes the car just sinks on the road or the road disappears.

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    I dont think I have the promo version, the name of the iso is "psy-tdup.iso" I'll try to update to 3.1 oe-a to see if it works. Thanks for your help.

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