Sony Community Manager James Spafford outlined some of Tearaway's papery challenges and PS Vita character customization for fans below today.

To quote: Even though Tearaway is a single-player game - a personal journey shared by you, and your little messenger friend, iota or atoi - we couldn't resist giving Tearaway players the chance to express themselves creatively.

We've already talked at length about the oodles of papercraft models you can collect as you play through the game, but there are also in-game challenges that will allow you to personalize the world as you travel through it.

A squirrel who needs a new crown, a chap whose moustache has been stolen by crows, and a pig that's too ugly... these are all examples of problems you'll be asked to solve through the cutting out of virtual paper shapes.

When the time comes to get crafty, you'll be presented with a virtual cutting mat, and a selection of colored paper sheets. Using the pencil tool, you can trace a shape that you want to cut out using the front touch. If you make a mistake, you can erase your flawed pencil lines with the eraser tool, but once you're happy with the shape, hit the scissors icon to cut it out.

You can layer multiple sheets on top of one another, just like using real paper, and once you're happy with your decoration, you can save it into your collection. Now you can use it to decorate certain things in the world, and bring a smile to unattractive pigs everywhere.

Most importantly of all, you can customize your papery messenger. You can remove any or all of their features and replace them with whatever you like, either choosing from a list of pre-made animated items such as eyes, mouths, and various shapes like hearts or stars, or you can make your own from scratch.

The pre-made ones must be purchased with confetti, colourful paper fragments that you'll collect as you play, but making your own is free! We'll be working on releasing some extra decorations later down the road, too.

The whole process is pretty similar to convincing someone to hold still whilst you glue paper all over their face, except you can also peel off their existing features too (eww).

Tearaway launches for PS Vita on November 22nd, and you can pre order now.

[imglink=|Tearaway's Papery Challenges and PS Vita Character Customization][/imglink]
[imglink=|Tearaway's Papery Challenges and PS Vita Character Customization][/imglink]
[imglink=|Tearaway's Papery Challenges and PS Vita Character Customization][/imglink]
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