Team17 Community Manager Mark Baldwin has revealed several customization options today in Worms: Battle Islands for PSP.

To quote: A couple of weeks ago, we introduced the latest game in our long-running Worms series, Worms: Battle Islands on PSP.

We gave an overview of the game and introduced some of the single-player and multiplayer modes included. This time, we want to show you some of the customisation options that will make Worms: Battle Islands the most personal title in the series.


The ability for players to customise their team of worms has always been a mainstay feature of the series and one that I think people who play the game get a lot of enjoyment from. For Worms: Battle Islands, we put a lot of effort into increasing the player's options for how they customise their team.

There are new customisation categories such as masks and backpacks, and over a hundred different items with which the player can leave their personal mark. It's possibly the highest degree of customisation we've ever had in a Worms game, and it's certainly the most customisable of the 2D games.

Landscape editor

To act as a nice aside to the action and to allow the player to demonstrate their creative side, we've included also two editors: the Landscape Editor and the Weapon Factory.

With the Landscape Editor the player can draw their own maps with a number of easy to use paint package like tools, texture them using the game's environment textures and place items such as Sentry Guns and Land Mines. These maps can then be used for multiplayer matches.

Weapon Factory

In the Weapon Factory the player can create their own weapons. When you first visit the Weapon Factory you'll find your options limited, but you can unlock more potential by collecting the blueprints scattered throughout the Campaign missions.

The more blueprints there are in the player's possession, the more varied the weapons that they're able to create. (A particularly sneaky feature of Tactics Mode is the ability to steal an opponent's custom weapon and use it against them in a subsequent round!)

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