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    Subtitles on PSP (Homebrew or Retail)

    Does anyone know if the included Video player on any firmware version
    will play .srt and/or .smi subtitle files?

    If not, is there any Homebrew app that will?



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    At the moment, No.

    Using the current available Firmware and Homebrew software there is no way to have externally filed subtitles appear on the PSP when viewing movies.

    The current (and no doubt all future releases) integrated firmware movie player only supports the MP4 file for video files. This format does not have the ability to read subtitles from another file or ones somehow squeezed into the MP4 format.

    There is some hope for you though as, PSP Media Center is currently in its early stages. This will in time be capable of playing lots of different types of video and audio files, and I donít see why in time it wonít be able to support subtitles.

    All you can do now is wait, but keep an eye on PSPMC as I'm sure that great things will come of it! ^_^

    Check it out in the Official PSP Utilities Thread.

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    ripping guide...

    hi, i have read a lot of this "ripping" stuff...
    is there a guide somewhere that will let you know which tools you need and the steps on how to rip psp games/isos and movies? i am eager to learn all this...

    i own a few games that i would like to learn how to rip them and place them o the mem stick.

    can someone help, please?

    thank you.

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    Hi carapalida, I took a look in the "Official PSP Tutorials thread!" and couldn't find a guide to ripping, so as I'm feeling in a good mood today so I'll make one now and put it up here and in the "Official PSP Tutorials thread!" in an hour or so.

    It's surprising easy, so dont worry. Just hope you got a big enough memory stick. ^_^;

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    As promised, I've done the guide.

    So here you go ladies and gents my short but sweet (funny really as I'm tall and grumpy! ^_^) guide to UMD ripping.

    PS3News.COM please feel free to put in the "Official PSP Tutorials thread!" as I was gonna but it looked so tidy and I didnt wanna mess it up.

    Hope you find it useful!

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    Nice job 3x3cut10n3r, I added it to our PSP Tutorials STICKY and also gave ya some rep points!

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