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    PS3 Triangle Button This stuff drives me nuts...

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    man... people are buying this! He's got tons of these auctions running.

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    im sure it wont take long for it to get shut down and the guys account banned since what hes selling isnt quite legal to sell.

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    My friend, who brought this to my attention, emailed the guy. He said it's not illegal to sell, because he is selling instructions, not roms or emulators. Intructions that are available for download here.

    Gotta think how the PSP-Dev guys will feel, now that someone is emailing kxploit around for $10 on ebay.

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    well it would be funny then to set up a lot of auctions for buy it now of .01 just to spite this guy

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    yeah it sucks that a few eggs can ruin a cake. some people just don't care now a days how they make their money.

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    you should get more than 2 games for a fiver, bet he is not selling much.


    the ZC

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    Quote Originally Posted by thezerocool
    you should get more than 2 games for a fiver, bet he is not selling much.
    he's not selling games at all. just the instructions. You have to find your own roms. Hell, he might just give a link to here for kxploit and the emulators.


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