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    Mar 2006
    Somebody know how I can run this ISO in PSP with MPH?

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    i believe no one has done it yet.

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    Feb 2006
    Is their a way to run the UMD version of this then? can i just use the version changer in 2.0?

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    Apr 2005
    The only way you can play this without upgrading is to run it on 2.00 (with real UMD) using version changer, but there is no background music.

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    Jul 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by eternal
    The only way you can play this without upgrading is to run it on 2.00 (with real UMD) using version changer, but there is no background music.
    That is true, that is how I play the game. See, but I have been a fan of SF for 15 years, so the background music missing doesn't bother me. At least you still get all the sounds of fighting and the special moves. That is all I need

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    Aug 2005
    Actually you can use RunUMD to run it, the new version. Or so I hear... of course that also means you have to have the actual UMD.

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    Can you tell me more about using RunUMD for it? (I have the Japanese version if that makes a difference).

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    Ok... I got tired of trying to wait and I decided to try it out. I was thinking that hey, GTA is requiring Firmware 2.00 to play right? I have another UMD that is the same, which is PoPoLoCrois, so I decided to try it. I tried the same method used for GTA, decrypted PoPoLoCrois (US) first using RunUMD, loaded it, then restarted. I then decrypted Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (US) (push O, then X) then waited for a few seconds, and what do you know. It loaded. There is sound (BGM) while playing as well. Though yes, we cannot save because it cannot locate a memorystick, but hey, this is one step to actually making it work.

    So I'm guessing that we dont really need GTA to make this work, but ANY game that requires Firmware 2.0 (or up? Am not sure.). Try it on! (It did freeze when I pushed home to try and get back to my PSP menu)


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    Jul 2005
    I actually got RunUMD to work, and it loads the game and play it too. The problem though is that it won't load my game saves. When you are in the game for some reason it can't see the memory card. So It isn't worth playing yet on that program, but it is promising.

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    Well for one, you just need the latest version available for RunUMD which is version 0.01.01a1.

    1) Insert the UMD game (requiring 2.0 firmware. I used PoPoLoCrois (US) for mine).
    2) Run the application in your PSP via the Memorystick under Game
    3) Push O and wait a few moments while its extracting some files.
    4) When its done, it'll ask you to push X. Follow that and wait for the game to load.
    5) When the game has finished loading, reset your PSP, or push Home and go back to the main menu.
    6) Insert SFA3 Max (I used SFA3 Max (US) ). Fire up RunUMD again.
    7) Push O again, and wait till its done extracting some files. When its done, it'll ask you to push X, do so and wait till the game loads.

    It should work by that and well, the only problem I've experienced so far is, you cannot save your game because it cant detect the memorystick. And another is, when I try to go back to the main PSP menu via pushing Home, it'll just show me the Please Wait screen while the game is still running in the background. Just turn the PSP off if you wanna quit.

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