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    Does Devhook .41a allow for wifi play with either the UMD or ISO? I know .40 allows saving, but no wifi (even though lots of other games running through devhook allow wifi play).

    The whole point of this game is multiplayer, any way to get wifi working on 1.5?

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    I was wondering if someone could give me a hand rebuilding my SFA3 from folder RUNUMD to an ISO that can be launched in devhook .41? Ive read many posts that give vague descriptions and none have helped. In the SYSDIR folder i have Boot.bin, and Patched_boot.bin. I have unpatched the file "Patched_Boot.bin". Now i dont know how to make the Eboot.bin that is required. Please help me

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    Wi-fi play works?

    I have the game running and saving using DevHook. However, was anyone successful in getting the wi-fi multiplayer to work?

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    Wifi works fine with devhook as long as you set the psp to less than 333mhz.Been playing with a mate of mine and the only problem is accidently turning off the wifi whilst trying to do a dragon punch

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