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    Squeaky DPAD buttons

    hi there,

    I am fed up with the dpad on my PSP being squeaky! Has anybody else seen this on there PSP? I have 2 PSPs and only my 1.00 firmware PSP squeaks, I haven't seen any other showing this symptom.

    Does anybody know how i could resolve the issue?? It only does it when i press right, the button just squeaks as i push down!

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    Jul 2005
    yeah mine does it too. R and square sometimes stick also. :barf:

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    None of my buttons seem to stick, just squeak, but its so irritating.

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    my d pad squeaks

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    Jun 2005
    ive seen some and heard a lot of the square buttons makin noises. i think it has something to do with the button being so close to the screen? remember that design flaw in the square button.. about it being made differently? i dont know if its true or not but ive seen way too many people complain about the square button..somethings gotta be goin on with it.

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    my square pads seem to be less sensitive than the others.

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    Jun 2005
    my buttons all just make clicking noises.... so squeeking tho.

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    if you look through you square button, do you see a metal piece in there? it is a shine metal piece... that button seems to be the only one with that piece in there... at least on mine it is there. do you guys have that too?

    thank you

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    Apr 2005
    the square button is designed weird
    it is does not have such a more solid "footing" on the pcb as the other buttons do.
    this is because it is so close to the screen
    apparently the designers made the square button like that to decrease the overall size of the psp
    on earlier japanese 1.00 firmware psps (last december) the button was actually gettin stuck and makin clickin noises whehn u pressed it

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