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    any info about the game? what kind of a game is it?

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    feelinggetsold... thanks for the info.

    the game is (Strategy ???) RPG.

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    it's like final fantasy tactics...well more like onimusha (sp?) orge tatics for the GBA. turn base rpg. so far pretty good i think. if you don't have the booklet it is kinda hard to understand the controls and all the special attacks

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    Dont really like this game much, it's far too slow and takes ages to carry out moves

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    Im loving this game. A mix of Disgaea and FF Tactics

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    in battle, during attack, does it make it slow motion or does it lag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bennyvo View Post
    in battle, during attack, does it make it slow motion or does it lag?
    From what i observe, the game is slow in nature. the sluggishness is all due to the game and not lag.

    it annoys me though, i just played it yesterday and i spent 1 hour just to finish the "introduction" part of the game before getting into the world map.

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    How is the game in terms of story? Would you recomend it to a die hard FF fan?

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    After playing thru the introduction, i would suggest this game to anyone who liked FF tactics. It has edgyer characters than most FF games, but it plays and feels like a upgraded version of Tactics. However the fact you can't create yoru cahracter is a bit of a draw back. but it isn't tactics it is a diffrent game. Cool story, nothing really new to the world of RPGs humans go to war with deamons.

    The game play is a bit slow at time i will admit, but for the FFT style of pay you should know what your getting into. As a Fan of the FF games i would suggest it!

    but that are just my opinon

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    yep, i though so too, i can feel the game slow when playing in cso and iso, 222hmz to 333hmz and i can tell the different, but overall the game does not lag.

    i think this game missing attack sound, you don't hear any slash/swing sound of the sword hitting...kinda plain without sound.

    but overall, the game is worth getting

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