Sony Producer Kumi Yuasa announced that Soul Sacrifice Delta: New Gigas Encounter is available today with details below!

To quote: Sorcerers of Soul Sacrifice Delta, the time has come for a new encounter on PS Vita. Gaze upon Gigas!

It's become a bit of a tradition that love stories in the Soul Sacrifice canon shouldn't have a happy ending. Well, Gigas' is no exception, I'm afraid.

"Recipe for disaster" would be a more accurate summary of the situation: take a lost soul, mix in a generous amount of desperation, sprinkle a glimmer of hope, and blend the lot with crushing disappointment. Let it simmer for long enough and the Sacred Chalice will do the rest!

We've incorporated three quests in the Additional Pacts VIII for you to break the ice (and each other's bones).

A new date calls for new clothes, but don't worry, we've got you covered with not one but two new outfits: the Sanctuarium chic "Healer" costume and the unapologetically Grimm "Beast" costume:

This is only fair, actually, since these factions have trusted the first spot of the Faction Power Balance. So to the Avalon fans out there, I will just say: work harder, keep logging your Slayer Points, and soon, you too could parade your faction's colors like a boss.

So go on, don't be shy and hit that DOWNLOAD button on the title screen.

Talking of download, I guess we could do with a quick recap on how to get our hands on all the regular content updates in Soul Sacrifice Delta. I trust you are now familiar with the DOWNLOAD button found on the title screen. This is how you get additional pacts and costumes. Note that the costumes can be added to your Raiment list or to Carnatux's Shop.

While you're in the Bazaar Ledger, you might want to ask Aurex the Whisperer if he's heard of any "Local rumours". These are only available for a limited time and updated every other week, so make sure you pay Aurex a visit every now and then.

Finally, in the Blank Page mode, you can check the Psychic link and access special pact pages. Keep in mind though that these come and go every fortnight, so don't leave it too late to complete the quests if you want to reap their precious rewards.

With these words of wisdom, I shall leave you for now. But don't worry, we will meet again soon with yet more things to do (or to be undone by) in Soul Sacrifice Delta.

[imglink=|Soul Sacrifice Delta: New Gigas Encounter is Available Today][/imglink]
[imglink=|Soul Sacrifice Delta: New Gigas Encounter is Available Today][/imglink]
[imglink=|Soul Sacrifice Delta: New Gigas Encounter is Available Today][/imglink]
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