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    Sony's PlayStation Portable May See Trophies After All

    At less than two months away from the launch of the PSP Go, it now appears that portable trophies could be heading our way in the future.

    In a recent interview with PlayStation: The Official Magazine, they asked if Trophies will "ever be available for PSP games?"

    To quote: "It's under discussion, but there are some technical challenges," replied Shu Yoshida, SCEA Senior Vice President of Product Development.

    Director of PlayStation Network Operations, Eric Lempel, previously said during E3 that we're simply "not going to see Trophies on the PSP."

    His main reasoning being in the interest of "keeping it secure," as artificially increasing their ranks and Trophies "kills the whole system."

    Those security issues and "technical challenges" are no doubt linked to the fact that the PSP has been hacked time and again.

    Surely, a simple method to prevent the homebrew gamer from bumping their trophy count is to implement anti-cheat protection, forcing PSP trophy hunters to remain logged in to PSN to unlock the goods.

    Well, at least we've gone from firmly "not going to see Trophies" to it being "under discussion," and that's progress.

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    I hope trophies do get included in some way for the PSP, after all it is a part of the Playstation family. The more things which are integrated into PSN/Playstation to make it a better overall experience can only be a good thing

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    that's the only downside of having the psp hacked.. possibly no trophies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxLindenxx View Post
    that's the only downside of having the psp hacked.. possibly no trophies.
    That's very true. That would be the case if the anti-cheat system they developed could distinguish between regular users and those who hacked their consoles.

    I believe implementing trophies into the psp network would be great. Even if they do create an anti-cheat system, I'm pretty confident in the fact that some hacker out there will eventually find a way to crack the trophy system.

    It's nice to see that the idea of trophies is not completely gone.

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    Great idea. May even think about taking my PSP online sometime instead of always using the PS3.

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