Today Sony European Product Manager Mayumi Donovan has unveiled a brand new mini-game for Frobisher Says on PS Vita that is now officially unlocked!

To quote: Hello all Frobisher Says fans! We hope you are enjoying all the weird, funny and addictive mini-games on Frobisher Says! for PS Vita.

Today we have some great news for you. A brand-new mini game called "Clear this landing site" has been unlocked today.

Look out for Frobisher Says! and enjoy the exciting new challenge!

Madcap mini-games

Using just about every one of the PS Vita system's features, you can obey Frobisher's commands. He may tell you to plug leaks by covering holes in pipes using the touchscreen, or demand that you smile for the camera while he takes your picture.

Even the motion sensor comes in handy when you use the PS Vita system as a fan to cool down a lady on the bus, or manoeuvre a cloud around to rain on a marching band. You'll hear the cheeky Frobisher laugh and shout "look at them run!" with absolute joy as the musicians scatter for cover.

Frobisher is eccentric, funny and colourful, and the team at Honeyslug have thought up some bizarre but inventive tasks for you to complete. "Smiling at ladies but not at badgers is pretty unusual, as is making a man dance with your eyes," says Inman.

"Frobisher Says! makes use of every facet of PS Vita, from directional buttons to face recognition. Frobisher's reason for being is to make you do his bidding in as many ways as possible, and PS Vita offers a lot of ways to do things."

More to come...

Those who have already experienced the eccentric hilarity of Frobisher Says! will have delivered puddings to Frobisher, poked otters for him and stirred his soup on PS Vita. Plus, there are more wacky challenges to come with an add-on pack available to download from PlayStation Store, full of outrageous orders.

"Frobisher's Superfun Pack contains 15 weird new ways to be bossed about by this wilful little man-child. If being told to delete someone's save games, play snap or focus on rare bacteria is your idea of fun, Frobisher's Superfun Pack is what your PS Vita has been waiting for!" says Inman.

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