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Thread: Sony Unveils Next Generation Portable (NGP) Console with Specs

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    I want to know more about these NVG cards.. how much data they can hold, what they look like, and also want to know if the NGP is going to have ANY on board storage. Would be nice to be kinda like the PSPGo with on board storage, then the option to add you own.

    But again, that would just drive the prices of this thing already seems its gonna be close to $400 as it is, but with the due date being so late in the year, who knows what will come out between now and then hardware prices could drop causing the price of the machine to actually be right where the 3DS is expected to be (and if so, i would imagine Nintendo would have to drop price of the 3DS!)

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    barrybarryk Guest
    I'd imagine the system will have plenty of onboard storage because it'll primarily be driven by downloads and i doubt they'll sell writeable nvg cards as thats a security problem waiting to happen.

    Actually no apparently the cards will be used to store "downloadable content". great so I've got to buy the download then the medium to store it? This thing better get hacked in the early days or it'll tank faster than PSP.

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    SaveU Guest
    Would be nice to be able to sync up your ps3 controller, and have a TVout HD cable, with the ability to output games to HDTV. Although it wouldnt work for any titles that use the two touch areas.

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    robintodd Guest
    This looks very interesting. Am waiting to see if the touch sensitive back is put to good use or not.

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