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    I get that everyone is in a feature war with the iphone, but an electronic compass, GPS, and two cameras have nothing to do with gaming. All that they do is add cost to the system. And the 3g is almost certainly going to either add yet another data plan we need to pay monthly for, or only work for buying stuff like on the kindle.

    Just give us a system that works for once Sony! You know with analog sticks that actually give you control, a video out that isn't in a blurry tiny frame, a battery that lasts more than a day when the system is off, and storage that doesn't cost 8x more than a microSD card 1/10 the size.

    PSP2 looks like a step in the right direction, but it's still too early to tell how Sony is going to screw it up and then cover it up with marketing lies.

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    the electronic compass is part of the motion control scheme, not literally a compass for finding where you're going.

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    looks like a phone, runs phone software, uses phone hardware 10:1 Sony market the device like a phone with a low price locking you into a longterm data plan.

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    I think you're referring to the Xperia which is an entirely separate device. The NGP doesn't look anything like a phone and runs an all new software interface.

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    nope runs on android actually, by the time its released the cpu and gpu will be used on phones (already in development) not to mention the nonsense that is "playstation suite" so games will be cross compatible with sony approved android phones. The "all new software interface" is just a custom skin over the top of android.

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    I can find no mention anywhere of Android, and the 'Playstation Suite' is actually something entirely separate from the NGP, quote 'On the software front, SCE plans to provide PS Suite content within this calendar year, starting with original PlayStation games 2 (PS one classics) that will allow users to enjoy “PlayStation quality” gameplay on their Android based portable devices.'

    So it's basically just a way to have capable Android hardware run PS1 games and PS Minis.

    While there's a possibility it could turn out to be Android based, Sony have not said such at present.

    If it does end up being the case, this could mean good things for hackers!
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    thats true running android isn't a bad thing, it's a great OS but what I mean is the device doesn't know what it wants to be. What's the point in lugging one of these around and a phone when the only difference is a handful of first party exclusives won't be available.

    Way that up against the fact there is nothing even remotely innovative about it apart from a touchpad in the back which will be used in gimmicky games for six months then thats it, sixaxis control because that was such a winner on the ps3? even the games line up looks like the same sony core lists with nothing new or exciting in there. Their biggest push at the minute seems to be ports but whats the point in that?

    It's just my opinion but as far as I'm concerned there's no reason to either buy one or have it on a ludicrous data contract when it's just a powerful broken phone.

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    In my opinion i think NGP is going to be the successor of the PSP. Its got a multiple amount of features which is great for developers.

    Even the Developers at Gears of War were saying "its a perfect device for a Gears of War-style game".

    Seems to me that its going to be a great hit

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    ARMŽ Cortex?-A9 core (4 core)


    That's a hell of a lot more power than any phone on the market. I'm pretty sure this thing knows EXACTLY what it wants to be: a high-performance gaming device. The only vaguely phone-ish feature I see is 3g connectivity which would likely require some sort of carrier data contract, and its since been revealed that there will be a wifi-only version available too.

    Now the one feature that I have yet to see mentioned that would really help sell this device for me is HDMI-Out. I rarely have the need for a high-end gaming device on the go (though its nice to have on those rare occasions that I am traveling long distance), but if I could plug this thing into my home entertainment center and pair a couple Sixaxis/Dual Shock3 controllers to it via Bluetooth. I could treat it just like one of my other home consoles, and it would get a lot more use.


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