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Thread: Sony Reveals Week 2 Content for PS Vita PlayStation Store Sale

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    Sony Reveals Week 2 Content for PS Vita PlayStation Store Sale

    Following up on their sale last week, today Andy Stewart of the PlayStation Store Team has revealed what's in store for week 2 of the PS Vita sale on PlayStation Store below!

    To quote: Week 2 of our epic 3 week PS Vita Sale is about to start tomorrow and this time we are focusing on PS Vita card released games.

    Week 2 of this sale starts on June 20th until July 4th but don't fear if you missed out on week 1′s content as this is available still until the 27th July.

    Here are some of the great titles you can expect to see in the sale:

    Army Corps from Hell
    Was €39.99/34.99 - Now €26.99/21.99

    Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend
    Was €39.99/34.99 - Now €26.99/21.99

    Little Deviants
    Was €14.99/11.99 - Now €10.99/8.99

    Modnation Racers: Road Trip
    Was €14.99/11.99 - Now €10.99/8.99

    Rayman Origins
    Was €34.99/29.99 - Now €24.99/19.99

    Reality Fighters
    Was €14.99/11.99 - Now €10.99/8.99

    Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen
    Was €39.99/34.99 - Now €19.99/16.99

    Touch My Katamari
    Was €29.99/24.99 - Now €14.99/11.99

    Unit 13
    Was €34.99/29.99 - Now €24.99/19.99

    and much more!

    But that's not all, sign up to Inside PS Vita before 29 June 2012 and we'll send you a voucher code which you can use to purchase Unit 13 during the sale with an additional discount making the game available for only €19.99/14.99!

    Inside PS Vita is brimming with the latest news, offers and more so sign up now here or through our official Facebook page.

    So don't miss out on these great offers and come visit the PlayStation Store.

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    febag92 Guest
    Damn, is it only for the European PSN?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Yeah - loads of discounts for Vita in past several weeks but in Europe only - I was hoping in similar in Japan to get some of the games there too ...

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