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    Sony Refuses PlayStation Brand on Sony Ericsson, No PSP Phone

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    MobileToday (linked above) is reporting that there is no PSP phone as Sony refused Sony Ericsson to use the PlayStation brand after pitching to the board late last year.

    Apparently there has been a fall out because of the refusal to use the PlayStation brand, so a PSP phone is looking far less likely now.

    To quote: Sony is understood to have refused to allow Sony Ericsson the use of its PlayStation brand, after the handset manufacturer presented a pitch to the board late last year.

    Sony Ericsson was planning to develop a PSP phone to capitalise on the growing success of the gaming sector, and after the success of Cyber-shot and Walkman handsets.

    Sources said the refusal to sanction the brand on the handsets in December has prompted a fallout between Sony and the mobile phone joint venture.

    Several sources close to the matter claimed Sony executives told colleagues at Sony Ericsson that it would only license the PlayStation brand if and when Sony makes handsets independently - effectively pushing for an exit From The joint venture with Ericsson.

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    Darn,.... I was actually looking forward to the speculated psp phone....

    I did just get a Sony Ericsson phone, but a psp phone would have been a "For Sure" purchase.

    Oh well, maybe they will go through with making one themselves..hopefully they thought it was too lucrative of a product to share profits...hopefully, cuz i'd really like to see it materialize..

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    I cant say that I blame Sony for their decision. Look at it this way; what if they gave Ericsson the Playstation Brand and the phone wasn't successful and became a flop...think of the damage that would do to the Playstation's reputation.

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    i'd be really amazed if sony could get the psp phone to look as good as all their other sony ericsson phones. Because really i don't like carrying my psp around in my trouser pocket; but that's probably because i have a PSP-1000.

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    i think a psp phone is a stupid idea myself


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