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    Sony: PSP Minis WiFi Multiplayer and DLC to Come, Updates Set

    Today Sony's Eric Lempel has clarified Justin Cooney of SCEA's statement from just before the weekend.

    Cooney initially said that PSP Minis will drop WiFi Multiplayer, DLC and Software Update support.

    However, speaking to Destructoid.com (linked above) Lempel reassured concerned users with the following statement, to quote:

    "So you can patch Minis, but we won't have multiplayer functions in the beginning. Basically, to get these developers on board, and to make it easier to test and get it through the pipeline, we won't be allowing that functionality for the first stage of Minis.

    It's something we will consider in the future, he added, referring to the posibility of game updates and multiplayer in future PSP Mini titles."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    cyberfix Guest
    Essentially, it sounds like a carefully crafted PR message that says "Buy our product because we can do everything you want, but we may never release the functionality you want." There is still no indication that it will ever have multiplayer functionality & DLC. It just states that they could do it later.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    Will this "future" be comparable to the "future" in Home?

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