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    Sony PSP Europe Release date announced

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    Looks like its Sept 1st folks, uk RRP 179

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    why so late.....
    i can not more wait.....
    where i can get one region free psp?
    and what is the best psp? Jap or ???

    Greetz phantom

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    europe 1 Setember


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    Well, having paid 170 for my psp in January, i was worried the cost in UK would be a lot less.... now i know its MORE i feel quite smug

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    It comes out months after the US and Jap release, we dont get the Spiderman UMD (well it's a special first come first served basis by signing up to their site and registering a psp), and we pay more than anywhere else??

    Sony have lost my interest, if i were to buy one, it'd be by import now. Releasing it in September when the Xbox360 will probably be released shortly after is stupid, i know what i'll be saving my money to buy and it won't be the PSP .

    I know the handheld and home console market is different, but most people wont (or cant afford to) buy both, they'll look at which one is the best.

    Just more of Sony trying to screw us Europeans over (and pretty much telling us they dont care about the European market), it also doesnt bode well for the release of the PS3. If it gets an early 2006 release in Japan, a mid year release in the US and then a 2007 release in Europe?.
    Last edited by blaze; 04-27-2005 at 11:21 AM

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    When will PSP come out in Australia, man we get every single things so late -0-.. Like Takken 5... in freaking June or laster OMG... So thinking of just getting JAP version on the internet..Can't wait -0-

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    yeah, i think its stupid that they release it so late in places. I cant figure out why they dont just release it everywhere at the same time. Probobly because they want shortages so they can raise prices, and since their main markets are Japan and United States, they release it there first. Still, I think its stupid.


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