Sony PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen has posted up this weeks PSP digital comics store update today, as follows:

Here's this week's PlayStation Store Digital Comics update.

Free Comics

Superman: War of the Supermen

A world-shattering war is coming thanks to General Zod, and only Superman can save the day... This comic is set to change the whole DC universe, no less! This is the start of a great series - you can't miss out.

New Arrivals

This week we have the release of four new issues of Vampire Hunter D Volume 2! Good news for the manga and horror fans out there. For those who haven't caught-up, the mysterious D is back to investigate a chilling murder mystery.

A new breed of vampires appears, a beautiful villager with a shady past offers her help, and the plot thickens. Now we have all six issues of Volume 2 there for you to read, enjoy.

Back in this world (probably), Captain America returns this week with six more issues - and it's not just any issues we're bringing you there. This here is the full second arc of a very traumatic storyline for our hero... I won't spoil it for those who don't know, but you should be worried!

Someone else gets in trouble this week: the gifted street thief Aladdin! Take a trip down memory lane and read all about Aladdin's adventures alongside Jasmine the runaway princess, evil Jafar, genies and flying carpets. And Abu the monkey.

Finally, Prog 1691 is now available. The long-running series of 2000AD Progs is packed with stories involving the famous Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante, Sinister Dexter, and many more. If you're looking for a weekly fix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, this is it.

And if you missed out on San Diego Comic-Con 2010, why not re-live the best parts (without the crowds)? Check out our 4-part series on the PlayStation YouTube site.

Here is the full list of releases:

2000AD Prog # 1691
The Authority # 4
Bayou# 4 - # 6
Bottle of Awesome # 2
Captain America (2004) # 31 - # 36
Deadly # 1
DMZ # 16
Donald-Ali and Mustafa's Jug
Donald Duck and the Backyard Beaches
Ex Machina # 3
Fables # 18
Gen13 # 24
Green Lantern: Secret Origin # 7
Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War - Epilogue # 12
High Moon # 6
Jonah Hex # 16
Kingdom Come # 4
The Lexian Chronicles # 10
Marvel Zombies 2 (2007) # 5
Mickey Mouse and the Jolly Camper Brigade
Peg Leg Pete's Memorable Night
Powers (2000) # 17 & # 18
Project Eon # 4
Stormwatch PHD # 15 & # 16
Superman: War of the Supermen
Ultraheroes # 7
The Unwritten # 5
Vampire Hunter D Volume 2 # 3 - # 6
Wildcats # 4

As always check for the full catalog and pricing info.

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