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    Just bought, downloaded and installed UNO on my Vita from the US store (after a forced upgrade to 2.02). Note that it's not in the Minis section, just search for UNO and then install that, $4.99. Looking forward to the files getting posted soon!

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    if i buy this game and what happens when they update the Vita do i have to buy a another game or can i stop it from update and can anyone help me on this question thanks

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    Just don't update. You will lose access to the psn though.

    Personally i just use my psp, cheap now in second hand shops and the memory sticks are loads cheaper too.


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    I found the link

    I did not uploaded this

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    please upload psvita sdk docs

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    please anybody can upload??

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    Sony PS Vita SDK Docs mirror as requested: (isn't really a mirror, just another 29C3 FTP)

    Yep, it works i'm downloading them right now

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