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    Sony to Offer Standalone PSP Unit

    According to
    Apparently Sony wants to offer a cheap, non-Value Pack version of the the Playstation Portable. The non-Value “standalone” pack will exclude the PSP soft-case and the Spider-Man 2 UMD. The PSP was expected to be sold out at launch; however, it did not. So lowering the price is probably a wise idea to push more sales. The expected retail price will be $200.

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    Not cheap enough.
    $150 stand-alone sounds better.

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    Hahaha.. $150 is wishful thinking, or at least right now it is. Sony is already losing money @ $250 with extra accessories, why would they sell it alone for $100 less?

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    THis could be true, I saw at Best buy and EB games this weekend that they are selling the "Value Pack" headset for $25 the soft case and wrist strap for $19, and the AC adaptor and a extra battery. I figured they were doing away with the Value pack. Sales will go up, i guess.....

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    So it's gonna ship without a battery or charger? With no way to use it?

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    150$ is also the price of a DS, a system in many ways superior (till tonight anyways). I like this though since I was planning on buying one used to not get their stupid "value" pack.

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    DS is a piece of junk just a gimmik to slow down PSP sales....if u can't afford a PSP don't talk about the PSP....

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