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Thread: Sony Introduces Xperia PLAY - PlayStation Certified Smartphone

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    Sony Introduces Xperia PLAY - PlayStation Certified Smartphone

    SCEE's PSP European Product Manager Adam Grant has officially introduced the Xperia PLAY PlayStation Certified Smartphone today!

    To quote: Launching over the next two weeks across many European and Global markets is the Xperia PLAY from Sony Ericsson.

    Xperia PLAY is an Android powered smartphone and the first PlayStation Certified device. It is optimised for a gaming experience and featuring dedicated gaming controls, L/R shoulder buttons and the familiar PlayStation symbol action buttons.

    As the first PlayStation Certified device it is the first device to be compatible with PlayStation Suite, an initiative we announced in January as a new way to deliver PlayStation quality games on Android based portable devices, be it mobile phones, smartphones or tablet PCs.

    Currently, PlayStation Suite content comprises of original PlayStation games and in the future will extend to other content types in order to broaden the PlayStation experience on these devices.

    As well as offering access to all the many casual android-based games that are available, Xperia PLAY features a pre-install of the PSOne classic Crash Bandicoot.

    There are up to a further 5 PlayStation Suite games available to download at launch (Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Jumping Flash!, MediEvil and Syphon Filter). More will be added on a regular basis.

    PlayStation Suite is part of our wider plan to bring the best games experiences to as many portable devices as possible and is a cross-device initiative, since developed content for PlayStation Suite will also be playable on NGP, PlayStation's Next Generation Portable.

    NGP will focus on delivering the ultimate portable entertainment and gaming experiences that are only possible using NGP technology, as well as offering the more casual games experiences available through PlayStation Suite.

    For more information on Xperia PLAY please visit the Sony Ericsson site and for the latest news on NGP please visit

    *Syphon Filter, not Crash Bandicoot is pre-installed on Xperia PLAY in France.

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    pepperor Guest
    Theres good news about it that some people might like. SE will let you unlock the bootloader without losing the warranty.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    shockingly just a day after psx4droid was removed from the android marketplace for "content violation" looks like google are playing dirty again.

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