PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen is here with this weeks Digital Comics Store PSP update today, as follows:

Hi Everyone- Here's this week's Digital Comics update.

As usual, we have the full list of new content to the store below, but let's take a look at some of the highlights.

Inspired by Tim Burton's recent cinematic extravaganza, Alice in Wonderland is now available. The graphic novel adaptation has amazing artwork and a script spun off the Johnny Depp film.

We also got in another Marvel smash release with Astonishing Tales (2009) featuring an assortment of stories from the Marvel Universe.

In the first issue alone you'll get Iron Man, Wolverine, Punisher and more. Plus, it's put together by some of the best creators: C.B. Cebulski (X-Infernus), Jonathan Hickman (Secret Warriors), and Kenneth Roquefort.

Also notable mentions for this week: Kill Shakespeare, Beyond, Hope Falls, Criminal, Powers, and Transformers.

That's it, have a great week, and head to for more info or to view our full catalog and pricing.

2000AD Prog # 1684
Alice in Wonderland
Astonishing Tales (2009) # 1
Beyond # 4
Criminal (2008) # 2
Criminal (2008) # 3
Devi # 4
G.I. Joe # 18
Hope Falls # 2
Ms Marvel (2006) # 5
Ms Marvel (2006) # 6
Ms Marvel (2006) # 7
Ms Marvel (2006) # 8
Powers (2000) # 11
Powers (2000)12
Ramayan 3392 AD # 4
The Sadhu # 4
Scrooge McDuck and the Ghost's Treasure or Vice Versa
Scrooge McDuck and the Spring Money Bin
Serpent Wars # 5
Snakewoman # 4
Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers # 4
Wizards of Mickey # 8

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